Be A True Stan With This Next-Level Band Merch

30 November 2015, 17:15 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Band Merch

By Victoria Pavlova

Because there's only so many shirts you can own.

Clearly we all love band mech. Shirts, bandanas, snapbacks, shoes, scarves, neckties - the whole lot! What better way to display your undying loyalty to your favourite artists? 

Well, there are some better ways. Courtesy of the internet, here are 21 pieces of merch that you didn't know you needed until right now. 

1. Do I know why these P!@tD high tops exist? No. Do I want them now? No, actually, I'd want them like yesterday.

P@tD ShoesFolieAShoe,

2. Referencing the best moment in pop culture, via soap. I love you, internet.

Thanks Pete SoapCoolBathaAndBody,


3. Too rare not to own.

Fall Out Boy PepeSarcastic Sister,

4. These MCR Killjoy Masks because how could you not?

Killjoys MCR links

5. This Gerard Way plushie for all your voodoo doll needs.

Gerard Way PlushieARingForYourThoughts,

6. Hayley's melting paint tights from the "Still Into You" video. Take all my money!

Melting Yellow TightsURB Clothing

7. These Twenty One Pilots earrings, so that you can have TOP all up in your ears at all times.

Twenty One PilotsKawaiiCuteCreation,

Well, looks like that's Christmas sorted then.