15 Hilarious Reactions To My Chemical Romance’s Non-Reunion, Ranked By Sadness

22 July 2016, 12:21 | Updated: 30 December 2019, 15:34

Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

The ultimate tale of heartbreak and betrayal.

In case you missed it, My Chemical Romance posted a cryptic video to Twitter on Wednesday causing the entire fandom to break down over the possibility of a long awaited reunion. Flash-forward 24 hours and you can almost feel a tremor in the earth due to the amount of eyeliner pencils thrown on the floor in anger. Why? 'Cause the band destroyed everyone's dreams by doing this:


How dare they?! 

So, what better way to examine the levels of sadness seeping through the Emo community than to definitively rank every rage tweet on Twitter right now. Ready? Brace yourselves, you'll have no eyeliner left on your face at the end of this. 


15) The one who managed to find the only silver lining in this entire betrayal.


14) The solitary and perfectly apt single tear.


13) The reasonable sob.


12) The earth-shattering, potential ambulance-calling, scream cry. More like a heavy wail, really.


11) The one who believes in strength by numbers. #WereAllInThisTogether


10) The one who drew this brutal comparison so that all the Emo community outsiders could understand how devastating this really is.


9) The one that clapped after every word. Nothing expresses frustration more than a clap after every word.


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8) The one who *actually* might press charges.


7) The one who resorted to passive aggressive swears.


6) The one who felt the neED TO USE ALL CAPS.


5) The one who was rendered speechless and had to resort to angry gifs to express their true feelings.


4)  The one who thinks death is now the only option.


3) The one looking for a fight to resolve this once and for all.


2) The one who thought this betrayal was at the same level as when Scar betrayed Mufasa in "The Lion King".


1) The one who has TRULY had enough of this mess.


How dare you, MCR. How dare you all.

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