Gerard Way Just Confirmed Some Big Plans For 2017

5 January 2017, 10:36 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

gerard way
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

The former MCR man has some major projects lined up for later this year...

Gerard Way has revealed that he will release new music later this year in a New Years message to fans on his website.

Not Revenge, Tumblr

The former MCR frontman wrote about his 2017 plans in the Afternoon Pages section of his site, giving updates on everything from his comic book work to his new recording studio and the "weird" sounds he wants to create there.


Music—I’ll start with my music. I am always writing music, I am very lucky that way—there is always an idea and something that inspires me, even if it takes me a minute to figure out what I want to say, which is what really creates the space between releases. I am about to convert a structure on our property into a recording studio, which actually won’t take a lot of work as the space is already pretty perfect. Great drums sounds and church ceilings. Secret echo chambers. I look forward to making some really weird stuff here, and mine for the really hard to get diamonds. Moving into the new year, my focus will become split into music and comics, now that Young Animal is running well (thanks to Molly and Jamie’s hard work, and Dan and Jim’s support) it gives me more breathing room to make sounds, some of which may even be connected to the comics.

Gerard Way


We'll have to wait and see just how the music will relate to the comics - could there be an official soundtrack on the way for The Umbrella Academy or Doom Patrol series? Fingers crossed...

The Jet Black Feeling, Tumblr

Gerard also paid tribute to two of the pop culture legends we lost recently Carrie Fisher and George Michael who both sadly passed away over the festive period.


Carrie Fisher. That was a kind of wake up call. It was another moment where I felt like just closing myself off again. Of course, like many people, I am a big fan of her work on screen, and she contributed a great deal to my childhood, but it was also her advocacy for mental health, her outspoken critique of celebrity and industry, and her openness about addiction that I always respected tremendously. And her way of being inspired me, opening the doors to talk about mental health. Even recently, I didn’t think labels were healthy in regards how it can position you to be some sort of tool for someone else’s agenda, but I have come to accept that sometimes, facing exactly what you are can be very liberating—it takes the power away from the bogeyman. I will miss her dearly. And George Michael—a booming voice, an amazing talent, and a quietly charitable individual. Watching him struggle over the years with being in the public eye had been difficult, and eventually something I think everyone can now relate to, us all being in the public eye constantly. He inspired me in many ways. And we lost so many amazing and talented people this year, my thoughts are with all of them.

Gerard Way


You can read Gerard's full message over on his website here

Are you excited for his new music? What do you think of the possible comic tie-in? Let us know below.

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