My Chemical Romance Have Finally Ended Their Feud With This UK Rock Band

14 July 2017, 11:44

My Chemical Romance Reunion
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

This decade-old beef has finally been confirmed as squashed via a new magazine interview.

Well, it's taken over a decade, but My Chemical Romance and Kasabian's long running feud is finally at an end.

You might remember back in the grand old days of 2006 when, in an interview with The Sun, Leicester-based lad rockers Kasabian called MCR "clowns" and said that "It's like ventriloquists’ music. It's weird and dark. They don’t have anything positive to say. The only good news is that it won’t last. These clowns won’t be around for much longer. Their make-up will flake off and the scene will die out. And it can’t happen soon enough."

Gerard Way later responded to the insults in the NME, stating that "It was obviously meant as a slam, but it was so poorly worded that it ended up sounding like a compliment! 'Weird and dark'… that just makes them kinda ignorant. This band has never had a bullshit war ever. I haven’t found an opponent worthy enough yet. If you’re gonna take me on, you’d better have the balls for it! If you’re gonna talk shit about us, you’d better have the juice. And we haven’t found anybody with the juice yet."

But now, in a new interview with Q magazine, Kasabian frontman Tom Meighan revealed that the two groups actully put their differences aside shortly after their war of words when they ended up sat on a flight directly next to one another!


Yikes, bit awkward.

But, rather than ignore each other, the bands actually saw the funny side of the whole thing and even got a little bit boozy together:

"Just after that came out I got on the plane and who was sitting next to us for about eight hours? My Chemical Romance!. We're looking at each other, so I said 'look man, let’s have peace here!' And he just laughed. He bought me a bottle of champagne and we got pissed. What a sweet  man. He’s fucking cool!"

He sure is Tom.

All in all not a bad week for Gerard really - first he gets his very own Netflix series and now his former musical enemy is his new drinking buddy. What a time to be alive.