MCR's Video Was Full Of Hidden Messages And Everything's Not What It Seems

21 July 2016, 16:51 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Let's look at every single one of the 34 seconds in this clip on the lookout for MCR-shaped clues...

By now you are all well aware of the MCR video that broke the internet, caused a sudden sales spike in black eyeliner and generally had anyone of a remotely emo-inclination in floods of tears and excitement.

Wiffle Gif

*Grabs mic* NOW I KNOW, THAT I CAN'T MAKE YOU STAY...*Drops mic, sobs*

All very exciting.

But then we found out the hype was all just for an album reissue and the band have no plans for a full comeback.

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OR IS IT?!?!?! 

I mean there's still a few weeks until the album release - maybe that statement is all a big fakeout, right guys?. Who knows for certain what they might unveil? Plus, after several viewings, we think we may have uncovered a few clues about just what is happening within The Black Parade. So, let's unveil the hard-hitting evidence, spill the tea and present the receipts as we go in DEEP on the MCR twitter clip. 

All 34 seconds of it.

0:01) Ok, black screen. Black parade? THE BLACK PARADE LIVES!

0:02) Piano notes!!!!!! It's happening.

0:03) A white flag waving normally means surrender right? As in they are surrendering to fan demand and getting back together. YAASS!

0:04) This solo piano version of the track gives this a real Jurassic World trailer vibe. Or Ghostbusters trailer vibe. OMG MCR MOVIE!!!

0:05) New logo - this analysis gives us hope.

mcr logo analysis 

Ya never know. 

0:06) The sky looks pretty doesn't it?

0:07) Blue Sky. There's a song called "Blue Skies" in White Christmas. MCR once recorded a cover of "All I Want For Christmas Is You". Therefore, they are doing a Christmas album and TV special. In September.

0:08) Completely white screen. Because the band were dead and up in heaven in the clouds. And now they are returning.


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0:09) What do we make of the name btw? MCRX? X for ten? As in tenth anniversary? Or...

0:10) 10 date tour! Or...

0:11) 10 track new album!!! Or...

0:12) Charlie XCX is now in the band and the new name reflects that. Can't wait for their new dancepop direction.


0:13) Ok seriously tho, the ends of the cross look like four fleshlights don't they?

0:14) Yep they definitely do.

0:15) BTW, if you don't already know, don't Google what a fleshlight is. You really don't want to know.

0:16) Flag still waving. New line of flags coming soon?

0:17) This logo would look good on a T-shirt wouldn't it? 


I mean, I know they already dropped them but I mean a REAL one (with tour dates on it).

0:18) Still waving. Like they are waving hello to their fans again as part of a big comeback to the music world. 

0:19) Bit of lens flare in the corner? Is JJ Abrams involved somehow?

0:20) Oh no, it's light reflecting from the sun as they look towards their bright future together.

0:21) SLOW.

0:22) FADE.

0:23) TO.

0:24) WHITE.

0:25) See number 8.

0:26) I swear to God if this is just to plug some new Gerard comic or something...

0:27) More white. Are they all coming back as ghosts. Did they really die at the end? Are the solo projects being done by imposters?

0:28) Ok there's the date - something's happening 9/23/16. 

My Chemical Romance

We get that bit. 

0:29) Or maybe it's written UK style - The 9th day of the 23rd month of 2016. They can control time now. Or Mikey is the next Doctor Who.

0:30) 9 + 23 + 16 = 48 (times we have made a terrible "I'm Not Okaaaayyyy" joke in the time since the video dropped).

0:31) 9 x 23 x 16 = 3312 (times we have checked the twitter page for a possible update since the video dropped).

0:32) 9 - 23 - 16 = -30 (% chance of this ever amounting to what we really want).

0:33) Leaving that piano line hanging without going into the vocal is like being strung along by your high school crush and then getting suddenly dumped at the prom right as you move in for the kiss during a slow dance. I assume.

0:34) Yep, it's just an album reissue isn't it.

Don't worry guys, at least it's not like we have to wait two more months for the album release or anything...