HOAX?! MCR Fans Are Freaking Out That Reunion News Might Be A Cruel Trick

21 July 2016, 11:15 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

My Chemical Romance Reunion Hoax
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Gerard, please explain to us what the sweet lord is happening right now.

Yesterday evening (20/7/16) My Chemical Romance fans were sent into absolute meltdown after a video appeared on the band’s official Twitter page. The video featured a white flag with a pretty distinct symbol on it (we’ll get to that bombshell in a hot sec) over the ominous opening notes of “Welcome To The Black Parade”.

Panic stations!

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The thought of a My Chemical Romance reunion had never left the minds of their fans since they announced their split in March 2013 but it was always low-key understood to be off the table for quite a while. UNTIL TODAY. 

Soon after the news broke, fans noticed that the official My Chemical Romance website had a suspicious message underneath it as it was appearing in Google. Tweets started rolling in, and even MCR fans on the PopBuzz Facebook page started responding to our story with this screen cap.


And of course, because no one can be trusted when it comes to the *potential* reunion of one of your favourite bands, all hell broke lose on Twitter.






Some were also quick to point out that the date on the video - which is presumably in honour of the 10th anniversary of the original “The Black Parade” release - was actually one month too early. (The album was released in October and the date in the video says September. Escandalo!)




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So much reason to start panicking right now, tbh. However, the hard-working sleuths out there managed to nail it and restored faith into the hearts of those who had lost it after a night of frantic googling. You see, the band also uploaded new artwork to their social media sites that features a pretty specific cross symbol. What does it mean? Well...


Boom. REUNION CONFIRMED, RIGHT?! *Sighs* It's probably just a re-release...

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Gerard, can you please slide your wonderful face into our DMs so we can have a chat about this? Please, and thank you.