Niall Horan divides fans after clapping back at a comment about his bum

18 December 2019, 16:14 | Updated: 18 December 2019, 16:18

By Sam Prance

The fan has since been bombarded with negative DMs from other Niall Horan fans.

Niall Horan is facing criticism over his response to a fan who tweeted that we need to spend more time appreciating his ass.

Two months ago (Oct 4), Niall Horan returned to music with his brand new single 'Nice to Meet Ya'. Since then, he's dropped an emotional ballad ('Put a Little Love on Me' is stunning), performed on Saturday Night Live (we need that suit and we need it now) and even been flirting with Lizzo on Twitter. It's been a busy few weeks for Niallers.

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Not only that but Niall has also been getting candid about everything from his upcoming album to his time in One Direction (he said that the band would have "killed each other" without a hiatus). He's also been very active on social media lately and, while that is good for the most part, he is now dividing his fanbase with a recent tweet he sent to a fan.

Niall Horan divides fans after clapping back at a comment about his bum
Niall Horan divides fans after clapping back at a comment about his bum. Picture: Paul Morigi/Getty Images, Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Yesterday (Dec 17), a video of Niall performing 'Slow Hands' went viral on Twitter and a fan retweeted it writing: "We need to appreciate Niall’s butt more smh". The tweet quickly racked up thousands of likes and Niall replied to it stating: "Yeh I agree. We need to forget about my songwriting, musicianship, creative being and just really focus on my arse" with a straight face emoji.

It's unclear if Niall was just joking or being serious but, following his tweet, the fan, who he was responding to, revealed that they had been bombarded with negative messages from other Niall fans. The fan tweeted: "Why am I getting so much hate in my dms for saying this, I’m obviously joking and Niall knows that, leave me alone I’m sensitive."

Since then, fans have called out Niall for being "harsh". One person wrote: "It was just an innocent comment that plenty of people make and honestly him replying this is a bit of an overreaction and demonising one of his fans." Another fan wrote: "you wouldn’t survive a day as a woman lemme tell you."

Someone even posted a screenshot of a tweet in which Niall told Diplo: "Your ass looks great" with a peach emoji.

Obviously, it's understandable why Niall may not appreciate seeing comments on social media about his bum. However, it's also understandable that fans want to thirst over their faves and the fan in question clearly loves Niall's music just as much as they love Niall's bum. No one is forgetting about Niall's "songwriting, musicianship and creative being".

We're sure Niall meant no ill-will by his comment but artists have to be careful with what they tweet.

What do you think? Was Niall out of line or not?