Olivia Rodrigo fans think this Girl Meets World scene predicted the Sabrina Carpenter drama

26 January 2021, 11:41 | Updated: 26 January 2021, 11:47

Olivia Rodrigo sings the original version of Drivers License

By Sam Prance

There's a reason why the Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett, Sabrina Carpenter love triangle feels familiar and it involves Disney.

A new TikTok video has gone viral which claims to expose the truth behind the Olivia Rodrigo and Sabrina Carpenter drama.

If you've been anywhere near the internet lately you will likely already know about the alleged Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett and Sabrina Carpenter love triangle. People think that Olivia's Number 1 song 'Drivers License' is about Joshua breaking up with her and dating Sabrina. Sabrina also later released a song called 'Skin', which appears to reference 'Drivers License'.

However, some people think that the love triangle is a fake story created by Disney to promote the songs and, now a TikTok user has found a clip from Sabrina's old Disney Channel show, Girl Meets World, which appears to back their theory up.

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Olivia Rodrigo fans think this Girl Meets World scene predicted the Sabrina Carpenter drama
Olivia Rodrigo fans think this Girl Meets World scene predicted the Sabrina Carpenter drama. Picture: Jason Mendez/Getty Images, Disney Channel

On Sunday (Jan 24), @TaylorAnne31 posted a TikTok video with the caption: "Disney is really playing all of us. They are sitting back and laughing while racking in the money." She then shows an old scene from Girl Meets World in which Riley (Rowan Blanchard) reads a poem, called 'The Girl with the Long Blonde Hair', in class and directs it towards Maya (Sabrina).

The poem includes the line: "We could have been friends maybe in some other life." In other words, both 'Drivers License', where Olivia sings "and you're probably with that blonde girl", and 'Skin', where Sabrina sings "maybe we could've been friends / if I met you in another life", share striking similarities to that exact scene from Girl Meets World.

If that weren't wild enough, Girl Meets World also has a very significant love triangle between Riley, Maya and a character called Lucas. @TaylorAnne31's video has had over 1.4 million likes with many people agreeing that Disney predicted or actively orchestrated the relationship drama between Olivia, Sabrina and Joshua.

Of course, it could all just be a coincidence. Sabrina has denied that 'Skin' is an Olivia diss track and it's possible that she was just subconsciously inspired by her work as Maya on Girl Meets World when writing 'Skin'. Perhaps, Sabrina even included the reference as an easter egg for fans. This wouldn't be the first time that life has imitated art.

Although Olivia and Joshua both act on High School Musical: The Musical: The Series together, they're signed to different labels and neither of them are Disney affiliated. Sabrina also recently left Disney's label, Hollywood Records, and is now signed to Island Records.

As it stands, Olivia, Sabrina and Joshua haven't addressed the fake love triangle rumours. We shall update you if they do.

What do you think? Are Disney involved?