That One Direction And Ed Sheeran Mash-Up You Always Wanted Has Finally Happened

4 November 2014, 14:49 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

One Direction Steal My Girl teaser

By Jason Gregory

It's finally happened!

Question: what would you call a musical love child between One Direction and Ed Sheeran?

Ed Direction? One Sheeran? 

We ask this important question because this mash-up just happened.

Soundcloud artist 'oneboredjeuteu' put 1D's vocals from their latest ballad-y track 'Steal My Girl' over the more funky upbeat sound of Ed Sheeran's 'Don't'. And the result is super-addictive.


In fact, if you didn't already know they were two separate songs, it would be hard to notice.


The catchy combination is weirdly reminiscent of boyband music from the early 00's/late 90's (think Blue or 'cool' Westlife).

Pretty great, right?

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