One Direction's "Made In The A.M." Artwork ALSO Makes AMAZING Reaction Images

23 September 2015, 11:52 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

One Direction Made In The AM Cover No Text

By Alim Kheraj

Again, something needed to be done with this artwork...

On 22 September 2015, One Direction revealed the artwork and release date for their fifth (and possibly final) album Made In The A.M.

Not only that, but that band also shared album track "Infinity", a rousing guitar lead power ballad written by John Ryan, Jamie Scott and Julian Bunetta, the guys behind "Story Of My Life". In fact, if you've not heard it you can listen to it below. 

Obviously, this news is all very exciting and we're very excited for November 13 to roll around so we can have some new One Direction music.

Yet there was something niggling in the back of minds again. Surely for your last proper album for a while you'd go all out on the artwork, right? We were expecting something truly special, something to send the whole thing off in style. Instead, however, we've been left with this...

One Direction Made In The AM

Jesus wept.

It seems after the tragedy that was the "Drag Me Down" artwork, the boys STILL haven't learned their lesson. The Made In The A.M. cover image is still trash.

So we put on our thinking caps to see if we could find a use for the artwork and, of course, contacted our crack team of scientists at the PopBuzz labs and they've been hard at work coming up with this (again)...

One Direction's Faces In The Made In The A.M. Artwork As Reaction Images

1) When you're 15 minutes into hair curling and chill and Harry gives you this look...

Harry Reaction AM

2) When you tell a joke and Niall + your friends pretend to laugh like...

Niall Reaction AM

3) When you find out you're having KFC for dinner (again)...

Louis Reaction AM

4) When you see someone hella cute and you picture them in a hot tub.

Liam Reaction AM

5) When your parents tell you that you have to go and see your relatives but you just want to stay home and google pictures of pizza.

Harry Reaction AM

6) When you think someone's waving to you from across the street and you look up and are about to wave back but you realise that they weren't waving to you at all. 

Niall Reaction AM

7) When someone insults your football/soccer team and you have to literally bite your tongue before you spew satan's words at them. 

Louis Reaction AM

8) That struggle when you've been awake for two days and you just want to go to sleep but someone has offered you food and you're kinda down to eat, too. 

Liam Reaction AM

9) When one of your band mates low key says some dodge stuff about the LGBTQ community in an interview but you still insist on running around with a rainbow flag because you DGAF.

Harry Reaction AM

10) When your parents tell you you're getting a puppy.

Niall Reaction AM

11) When your parents tell you you're not actually getting a puppy and your heart is crushed.

Liam Reaction AM

12) When you're finally coming to terms with the fact that you're going to be a parent.

Louis Reaction AM

13) When you're still aware that your solo career is going to slay.

Harry Reaction AM

14) When someone says that they're cooking sausages.

Niall Reaction AM

Send us your Made In The A.M. reaction images pls!

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