It’s Time To Heal The Wounds With This 1D Bieber Mash-Up

13 November 2015, 16:50 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

bieber and harry
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Everyone take a breath....

Guys, it's time for this to end. Tumblr posts have been frantically typed, tweets have been sent and much blood has been shed as we all sat waiting for the midnight unleashing of 'Purpose' and 'Made In The Am'. But it's all over. The albums are out, the reviews are in and by Sunday we will know who has been crowned champion. 

mash up video 3

And now, as one reigns victorious and the other settles for a mere second place, directioners and beliebers should come together, united in fandom, to celebrate the hottest chart battle in years. I mean c'mon, theres limited edition 1D emojis and Bieber's on the cover of the f*cking NME - it's a been a big week. 

mash up video 2

So let's all just Netflix and Chill right now with this special tribute video to the brightest stars in the pop universe. Travel back with us to a more innocent time as we remember when Zayn was still fun and Biebs still had a bowl cut. It's the mash up to end all mash ups. 

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