Bella Thorne Is Getting Death Threats From One Direction Fans For The Most Pathetic Reason

Bella Thorne Death Threats
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith


A lot of people on the internet love to hate on Bella Thorne. She revealed recently that the online bullying she had been receiving after breaking up with an ex-boyfriend got so bad that she started getting death threats. (JFC, that's not ok is it?)

Unfortunately, Bella has just been subject to another bout of rude and offensive comments, this time from One Direction fans who kicked off after noticing that she left a ONE WORD comment under Louis Tomlinson's latest Instagram post. 

A few days ago, Louis posted a snap of himself with a new girlband that he is now managing alongside Simon Cowell. Don't they all look great?


A post shared by Louis Tomlinson (@louist91) onFeb 15, 2017 at 10:26pm PST

Anyway, everything was amazing and lovely in the comments section until Bella Thorne liked and commented on the picture, typing a simple "Awww". 0.2 seconds later, Louis' comments BLEW up with hateful messages toward Bella from the 1D fandom.

via @leonardowilhelm

Comments ranged from the usual "@bellathorne delete this" to disgusting slut-shaming quips with some even throwing a few violent threats her way. The beef spilled over to Twitter soon after.


There were a few fans that were tying to diffuse the situation, pointing out that the majority of the fandom were overreacting but the comments continued to pour in.


There's been no word from Louis yet about the whole situation but Bella DID tweet a cryptic comment that seemed to address the mess.


Regardless of how much "drama" you think Bella likes to make, there's really no excuse for sending messages as horrible as violent threats and slut-shaming comments. Cyber-bullying isn't ok, full stop.