This Harry Styles Lookalike From The EMAs Even Has His Own One Direction

4 November 2014, 14:55 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

One Direction on 'Today'

By Jason Gregory

Literally can't tell them apart.

We thought at first that One Direction were absent from the EMAs this weekend. But apparently Harry was lurking in the crowds.


On the evening of the EMAs, Mexican publication Reforma Gente posted this shot from the red carpet on their Twitter:


Wait, who's that there?


Could it be?...

He was later spotted by famous Viner Jerome Jarre:


So Harry, was that you? Acting all casual amongst the fans?


Turns out the uncanny lookalike is a Young Scot named Richard Dickson.


But you have to admit, you have to do more than a double-take to spot the difference.

PopBuzz did a little digging, and we discovered that this is no crazy coincidence - not only is Richard a 1D superfan, he's also a part of a lookalike tribute group called 'One And Only Direction'.


Dear Lord, they've got the whole set.

Maybe next time 1D can get these guys to stand in, when they're winning three awards at an event and can't even be there.


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