LISTEN: Louis Tomlinson Records DISTURBING Phone Call With Troll Who Threatened His Baby

17 May 2016, 11:59 | Updated: 19 September 2017, 20:01

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Fans have reached new lows in the Louis Tomlinson Baby Saga.

There's always one fan that manges to tarnish the good name of the fandom, isn't there? 

This week, One Direction are back in spotlight. Why? Because someone just called Louis Tomlinson and told him they hope his baby dies. Yes. Really. It's THAT messed up. Put your seatbelt on kids, because this is CRAZY.

This baby thing has gone way too far now.

It's been a bad week for Louis who has been struggling with privacy. First, his girlfriend Danielle Campbell was papped topless whilst sunbathing on holiday, and now someone has leaked his damn phone number. Smh.


Three recordings of the supposed phone call featuring Louis have made their way online - but is it even him? See if you can decipher that accent below. While there's no official confirmation that ACTUAL Louis is on the receiving end of the call, it does sound a HELLA lot like the Doncaster lad. 

In this first clip, the female voice asks for a follow (WTF??!?!) on Twitter. And he is PISSED.


But the second clip? That's where 'Louis' really loses his cool. 


The female voice at the other end of the phone says: "You're a f*cking bitch. I hope your baby dies." --- WHAT?! 

Louis then replies: "Luckily for you, I've got you on record here, and I've got you on record saying that so that's going to go straight to my lawyer."

The 'fan' then panics and cuts in with a desperate "I'm so sorry - sorry sorry sorry!" but 'Louis' is having NONE OF IT!

He wraps up the phone call with a "I hope you're sh*tting yourself" and a sassy "THANK YOU!"


An update account then posted the story sent to them by the anonymous callers via DM. 


Soon after the videos appeared online (the phone call allegedly took place in March), #RespectLouis began trending on Twitter.


We literally can't.