10 Places To Panic Other Than The Disco

18 April 2016, 15:02 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Panic everywhere
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

When life is your panic playground.

We've all spent the the last decade or so panicking at the disco. That's been fun and all, but we can't ignore the fact that there are a ton of other places to panic besides the disco. Here are 10 such places. 

1) Panic at the MAC store because everything is so expensive and the sales people won't leave you alone. 

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2) Panic at the bank because you literally have £2.80 in your account.

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3) Panic at the grocery store because it's almost your turn to pay and your mom is still getting the milk she forgot.

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4) Panic at the library because your essay is due tomorrow morning and you've only typed three words.
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5) Panic at the party because you can't find the person you came with and you're just kinda hanging around trying to look normal.

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6) Panic in the group chat because you're getting seriously roasted over a typo.

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7) Panic at the restaurant because your server just asked how your food is and your mouth is full of bread so you just kinda gotta nod and make weird sounds in the back of your throat. 

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8) Panic at the venue you just arrived at, which apparently doesn't have free wifi.

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9) Panic at your computer because those concert tickets are almost sold out and you're about to miss your favourite band because ticketmaster is the devil. 

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10) Panic on planet earth because almost everything is a panic inducing mess. 

gif via the odysseyoline.com