12 Brendon Urie Snapchats That Will Make You Scream Hallelujah

5 April 2016, 16:23 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

brendon urie snapchat
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Snapchatting is the most fun a Panic! frontman can have without taking his clothes off.

Brendon Urie (username @patdbrendon) - Panic! frontman. Shirt-hater. High voiced statement jacket chanteuse....Snapchat king!

A few seconds is too short a time to gaze upon the wonder of our pop punk prince, so we have gathered together some of Brendon's finest ever Snapchat moments for you to gaze at whenever you wish for however long you choose.

Let's look back at Brendon's finest ever snaps.

1) When he became a puppy!


2) When he went out for a healthy well-balanced meal.

Snapchat @patdbrendon

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3) When he gave us this glorious and not at all frightening wake up call.

Snapchat @patdbrendon

4) That time lasers shot out of his eyes.


5) When he gave us all squad goals.

Snapchat @patdbrendon

6) When he went full Rafiki.

Snapchat @patdbrendon

7) When he unleashed the monster.


8) When he made sure Sarah didn't get tired.

Snapchat @patdbrendon

9) When he went fully evil in the studio.

Snapchat @patdbrendon

10) When he got down some exercise.


11) When he showed off that glorious forehead in all its glory.


12) Panda! at the disco.


Incredible scenes.

Keep on snapping Brendon - and say hi to Drisella Kokane for us.


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