PopBuzz Petition: Panic! Please Play "Pretty.Odd."

3 March 2016, 12:53 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Justice for "That Green Gentleman".

Dear Brendon,

Hope you're well and, in this chilly weather, I hope you are wearing an appropriate shirt. Now, we need to chat.


I have seen you perform live several times and it has always been an enjoyable experience, particularly on the most recent tour dates in support of your swing-emo-jazz-funk odyssey Death Of A Bachelor. Great tunes for an enthusiastic crowd is always welcome. However, while most of the classics were all present and correct within the setlist ("Time To Dance", "New Perspective", "This Is Gospel" etc) one album has been criminally under-represented every time I have watched you perform. 

That album is Pretty.Odd

In all the times I have seen you live, the only song from that record to make the cut has been "Nine In The Afternoon".

Huge song - but I want more.

Don't get me wrong, I know you have a huge wealth of material to get to in between back flips, shirt removals and forehead wipes so, inevitably, some classics are going to fall by the wayside. But only one song from Pretty.Odd.? One song? That just doesn't seem right.


Look, we all know that the album came out during a transition period for the band and that you have since moved in a different direction from that 1960s sound but some of your finest vocal performances are among those songs.

Who could forget "When The Day Met The Night" or "Pas De Cheval"? You have the only writing credit on "Folkin' Around" and "I Have Friends In Holy Spaces" - surely an acoustic live version would be appropriate? "That Green Gentleman" - that was a single for gods sake! It deserves to be heard again in public!

So, Brendon, in order to convince you to insert just a couple more tunes from that album into your repertoire, I have done the one thing that always results in change and definitely gets things done without being ignored on the internet...

I've started an online petition.


Panic At The Disco Petition

Yes, really.

You can go sign it here! 


Panic at the disco petition 2

Do it! NOW!

Together we can get justice for Pretty.Odd.

Thanks for listening Brendon, give it some thought.

Yours impatiently,