19 Panic! "Pretty.Odd." Tattoos That'll Make Your Eyes The Size Of The Moon

18 January 2017, 17:11 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

pretty odd tattoos
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Who could ask for any more?

Fans may debate which Panic! At The Disco album is the best but there is no arguments over which has the prettiest aesthetic...

The Pretty.Odd. era had enough flowery, hippy vibes to revive the Summer Of Love all on its own!

Panic! At The Disco

What a time to be alive!

And, thanks to that iconic artwork and the poetic lyrical content, the album has also become the number 1 choice for fans looking to get a fresh new tattoo to show off their devotion to Brendon and co! So, we searched the internet far and wide (well, mainly Tumblr) to find a few of the finest Pretty.Odd. related tatts that money can buy. 

Here's a few of our faves:



Reddit: NarutoFanFiction

"I've been working on getting my lower leg floral piece and wanted to work Panic! in there somewhere."



Instagram: @meechxtattoo



Tumblr: saintdopamine

"things are shaping up to be…my brand new tattoo. ~"



Tumblr: ocean-4ve

"I love this fucker sm"



Tumblr: msdrewdisaster



Tumblr: intothesun12



Tumblr: panicbabe

"My Panic! At the Disco tattoo Pretty Odd. album inspired with the lyric from That Green Gentleman 'Things are shaping up to be pretty odd.' "



Tumblr: punky-town

"I got this tattoo last night! Pretty. Odd."



Tumblr: fragilecapricorn

"I know the world’s a broken bone, But melt your headaches, call it home (brendon urie’s handwriting; x)"



Tumblr: mycatisveryimportanttome

"All finished".



Tumblr: hey-couchmonster

"My Panic! inspired tattoo. Freshly done @ Revolt Tattoos in Las Vegas, Nevada."



Tumblr: fabulous-killjoy

"Got my first tattoo yesterday, inspired by Panic! At the disco’s Northern Downpour."  



Tumblr: chelseatheturtle

"My new Panic At The Disco tattoo!!!"



Tumblr: hugspugsnodrugs

"My new tattoo!"



Tumblr: punkvag

"Panic at the disco themed tattoo. I’m In love. Too around 2 hours. Worth it. It means a lot to me. This band has helped me through so much."




Tumblr: takethistoyourgrave

"I'm not sure if ive ever posted a picture of my patd tattoo so here it is… i got 8 months ago and i just love panic at the disco, pretty. odd., and the song mad as rabbits so much that i just needed to get it permanently on my skin. they helped me a lot through hard times, especially that album."


Tumblr: theinternationalhouseofsass


Tumblr: srry4thedisappointmentmom

"so i joined a cult & got them tatted ok."


Tumblr: intothesun12

"My ½ done pretty. odd. tattoo!."

Got your own Pretty.Odd. tattoo to add to the collection? Show us it in the comments below!

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