10 Live Panic! At The Disco Performances That Will Melt Your Brain

17 December 2015, 15:22 | Updated: 30 December 2019, 12:19

By Victoria Pavlova

This fandom is your life now.

2015 has been very P!ATD, so you really can't blame us for having Panic! on the brain at this point. 

But we will not suffer alone! To spread the joy during this gloomy winter, we've curated a list of our all time fave Panic! performances. Add these to a playlist and go for the full experience. It's what we're doing.

PopBuzz today tbh.

Panic at Reading 2015 – only performance where Brendon kept his shirt on, let's be real.

"Lying Is The Most Fun..." performed acoustic will give you all the feels.

This early days recording of "I Write Sins..." is rare in that it wasn't filmed on a potato.

Their acoustic stuff is just really good, ok?

"Camisado" live in Denver because we're deep in that early Panic! appreciation life.

Another one from the Live in Denver sessions – "Build God, Then We’ll Talk", because DARKNESS.

And another IWSNT. These are just really good, ok?

Living for those hand gestures

When did Panic! go full lad on us? We don’t even know, but we’re into it.

And finally - the one and only cover for when you want to tell people you have some f***ing VOCAL RANGE. Yup, we're into it.

Victorious KROQ Almost acoustic, obvs.

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