12 Truly Wild Things We Learned About Our Faves In 2016

16 December 2016, 15:56 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

From Troye and Melanie to Brendon and The Vamps, we've learned a lot about our fave acts this year - here's some of the facts we've picked up...

2016 has been a great year of guests in the PopBuzz office and, true to form, we made sure we asked all the important, hard hitting questions we could throw at them in order to get the best possible video content to share with all you lot.

But what exactly did we "learn" from the whole experience. Well, here's 11 of the most surprising facts we gathered from interviewing our favourite artists throughout the past year.


1) Olly Alexander is very proud of his bum.

Wouldn't you be too? 


2) The Vamps aren't sure how you play the kazoo.

Other way round Brad, other way round! 


3) Troye Sivan would prefer a night of passion with Ted Cruz than anything with Trump.

Tbf everyone would. 


4) Melanie Martinez has a lot of great tattoos.

But you probably knew that already.


5) The Chainsmokers are terrible at social media.

At least they let Halsey know what was up. 


6) Dua Lipa has sent some pretty weird tweets.

And she can't really remember most of them... 


7) Zara Larsson got a 'C' in her school music exam!


8) Pierce The Veil make for good Thanksgiving guests.

Like a big, happy, holiday family. 


9) Brendon Urie thinks Trump is a piece of sh*t.

Wise man. 


10) And Brendon Urie already has a tracklist sorted for his next album.

'It's A Prefect World' sounds very promising to us.


11) Caspar Lee's Mum is super lovely.

Welcome back in the studio anytime she likes, with or without her son.


12) Louisa Johnson really f*cking LOVES gravy.

Not sure Nathan Sykes kept his UHT milk though...