Panic! At The Disco just launched their own limited edition beer

15 January 2019, 12:17

By Katie Louise Smith

Finally, a beer with Brendon Urie.

Say what you want about Panic! At The Disco but you can't say they never do anything nice for us. Not only have they just given us one of the best albums of 2018 full of bops and bangers in the shape of Pray For The Wicked, they've now gone and launched their own beer.

Yes, Brendon Urie has come thru clutch for your next house party (if you are of legal drinking age OF COURSE) with IP!ATD, a pale ale that was created with your fave frontman's tastes in mind. Not ~quite~ a beer with Brendon but close enough...

Panic! At The Disco have launched their own beer
Panic! At The Disco have launched their own beer. Picture: Kevin Mazur / Contributor, Asbury Park Brewery

As we all know, Brendon loves a beer and he's worked closely with the Asbury Park Brewery co-founder Jeff Plate to create his perfect drink. “With all the traveling I do, it’s something I look forward to knowing I can usually find a local beer that represents the city I’m visiting or have one of my classic favorites for when I’m feeling homesick," Brendon said in a statement.

"For me, IP!ATD is a blend of both those feelings—uniting a familiar taste with something fresh.”

There is one catch though... the beer is an exclusive tour beer (first brewed for the secret PFTW show in March 2018) and will only be available at Panic!'s tour stop at the Prudential Center in Newark on January 18th. It'll also be available for a limited time at Asbury Park Brewery until supplies last.