Brendon Urie is being criticised over Twitch stream comments

4 March 2020, 16:08

By Sam Prance

Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie is coming under fire over what he said in a new Twitch livestream.

Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie is facing backlash over remarks he made about Puerto Rican people in a new livestream.

Last week (Feb 25), Brendon Urie took to Twitch to go live with his fans. During the livestream, Brendon performed on guitar, played Fortnite and responded to various comments from fans. However, within the video, the Panic! At the Disco frontman also laughed at and repeated some comments, by comedian Michael Lopriore, about "ratchet ass Puerto Rican names".

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Following Brendon's video, people have taken to Twitter to accuse him of being "racist" and call him out for what he said.

Brendon Urie is being criticised over Twitch stream comments
Brendon Urie is being criticised over Twitch stream comments. Picture: Daniel Torok/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images, @brendonurie via Twitch

In a clip that has gone viral on social media, Brendon can be heard saying: "You ratchet ass hoes. I was trynna come up with names for y'all." He then goes on to say: "It was like Aquaniva and Delanise or some shit. That was your ratchet ass Puerto Rican names bro. That was so funny dude. You were killing me last night. That was great."

For context, Brendon was referencing a video which Puerto Rican comedian Michael Lopriore made in which he makes fun of Puerto Rican women. Brendon brought it up because Michael commented on his Twitch video. Nevertheless, fans took issue with Brendon, a white man, laughing about: "ratchet ass Puerto Rican names".

One person tweeted: "brendon urie insulting puerto-ricans on his livestream AGAIN shows he's a racist bigot and has not changed. he's not better now, he does these awful things over and over. if you think this stuff is okay, fuck you." Another added: "brendon urie being problematic again. wow i regret ever stanning that man."

Other fans were keen to point out that Brendon Urie's comments were taken out of context and defend him. Someone wrote: "This is to everyone who’s trying to cancel brendon urie for being “racist.” He wasn’t, he was talking about a joke two comedians performed. You can even see him in the chat."

Obviously the clip itself is alarming out of context and, while we doubt that Brendon meant any harm at all by his comments, it's understandable that people have taken issues with them.

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