Here's The FULL Tracklist for Panic!'s "Pray For The Wicked" Album

23 March 2018, 12:06 | Updated: 23 March 2018, 12:10

Panic! At The Disco Pray For The Wicked Album Track Listing
Picture: Kevin Winter/Getty Images/Fueled By Ramen

By Katie Louise Smith

Eleven tracks long. Thank you, Brendon.

The time is upon us, people. A new era of Panic! At The Disco has begun. It's been announced that the brand new album, Pray For The Wicked, will be released on June 22 and we've already been blessed with two brand new songs, 'Say Amen (Saturday Night)' and '(Fuck A) Silver Lining.' The video for 'Say Amen' was also released alongside the song - and there's a massive 'This Is Gospel' shaped easter-egg thrown in at the end for good measure.

And now it looks like the track listing for the entire album has found it's way onto the internet and fans are losing it. According to the product info for the "Pray For The Wicked" vinyl on Panic!'s official merch store, and Apple Music, the track listing is as follows:


1) (Fuck A) Silver Lining

2) Say Amen (Saturday Night)

3) Hey Look Ma, I Made It

4) High Hopes

5) Roaring 20s


1) Dancing’s Not A Crime

2) One Of The Drunks

3) The Overpass

4) King Of The Clouds

5) Old Fashioned

6) Dying In LA

So there you have it. Eleven tracks long... but not all of the titles that appeared on Genius over the past few weeks. (Will we ever get to hear 'Cult Cobain' and 'Fuck Your Dreams', Brendon?)

Fans are also suggesting that the album will take on more of a Frank Sinatra-vibe like Death Of A Bachelor thanks to the tracks 'Old Fashioned' and 'Roaring 20s', to which we say... we agree and also, fuck YES.

Guess we'll just have to wait until June 22.