Brendon Urie's isolated vocals on Roaring 20s has fans shook

17 October 2018, 13:28 | Updated: 17 October 2018, 13:29

Panic! At The Disco Roaring 20s Live
Panic! At The Disco Roaring 20s Live. Picture: Getty
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Listen to the isolated vocals to Panic At The Disco!'s 'Roaring 20s'.

When Panic! At The Disco released Pray For The Wicked back in January, there were a couple of tracks that the Panic! fandom immediately latched onto, and one of those was Roaring 20s.

Partly inspired by Brendon's time on Broadway in Kinky Boots, Brendon said Roaring 20s reflects the intense anxiety he felt before performing in the production. "It was so intense I almost cancelled the day before I threw out for it because I was having these anxiety attacks and I called my managers and I was 'Dude, am I suppose to go?', he told Radio 1 in an interview.

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Thankfully, he did and it inspired one of the best songs on PFTW. And now we have the isolated vocal video thanks to a fan on YouTube.

Well damn.

Brendon is known for his big vocal range and these isolated vocals really show them off. Now, if only we could get the isolated tracks to 'High Hopes'!