WATCH: Brendon Urie Holds Back The Tears In Spencer Smith's Wedding Video

13 October 2016, 11:10 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

spencer smith wedding
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

With best man Brendon by his side, Spencer ties the knot and we cannot cope with our emotions...

Spencer Smith, former Panic! at the Disco member, has released some beautiful HD footage of his wedding day to the world and, frankly, we are a mess.

Produced by Revel Weddiings, the video features Spencer and his wife Linda's personally written vows as best man Brendon Urie looks on with pride. Basically, all of it is rather beautiful but here are a few key moments that really pushed us over the edge...

1) When Brendon helped Spencer get dressed.

Revel Weddings

Tbf, the boy knows his way around a suit jacket.



2) When the happy couple did the big reveal.

Revel Weddings

We're not crying, you are...


3) When the squad got some group pics.

Revel Weddings

Serious friendship goals.


4) Brendon holds back the tears...

Revel Weddings

Ok, yep, now we're sobbing!


5) The kiss.

Revel Weddings

Congratulations guys! *makes mental note to get married in a Californian castle/vinyard* 

Watch Spencer & Linda's wedding video below:

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