Hayley Williams Liked My Tweet: 29 Stages Of My Emotional Breakdown

3 June 2016, 17:21 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Hayley Williams twitter funny
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

When a Paramore fan gets noticed by the queen, it's never going to end well...

I was just innocently sat working at my desk when it happened. Rounding off some articles, checking some emails, sipping on a half price frappuccino (raspberry and blackcurrent. Standard). 

Then I saw it.

Hayley Williams liked my tweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hayley williams tweet

Oh. My. God.


The 29 Stages of My Post-Hayley Williams Tweet Breakdown

1) Breathe. Dear god, try to breathe.

2) Better clean up all this spilled frapp off the floor.

3) Is this real? *Double/Triple/Quadruple checks it's from the correct account*. Yep, it's legit!

4) *Turns up "Misery Business" at full volume on the office speakers and dances like a loon*. 


5) *Boss looks unamused*.


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6) Ok, let's compose a response, I mean we're basically friends now so this should be easy.

7) Will this do?


8) No, scratch that, can't appear too thirsty!

9) Shall I ask her to meet up? I mean, it's 2016, that's how people communicate right?

10) *Turns up "Anklebiters" at full volume on the office speakers.*

11) Maybe this will work?

hayley tweet 2 

12) Nope. Nope, nope, nope.

13) God that frapp is really gonna leave a stain.

14) Someday we are gonna be sat on the deck at Parahoy! and laugh about how we first met.

15) Maybe I should dye my hair and post a picture. Blue? Green? The Riot shade?  

16) How about Yellow?

hayley hair shot 2 

17) Maybe not...

18) I should definitely include Lauren from CHVRCHES in this tweet. They might need a backing vocalist for their duet. 

19) Maybe I should message a friend for advice. 

message screen shot 

Oh what does he know! I ain't retiring - he can't even spell!

20) *Turns up "Hate To See Your Heartbreak" at full volume on the office speakers.*


21) *Cries* 

22) Come on man, pull it together!!!!

23) I hope Chad doesn't think I'm being inappropriate. Maybe I should DM him to make sure we're cool?

24) Ok, final attempt.

hayley tweet 3 

25) *Rocks slowly back and forth in office seat*

26) I can't handle the pressure!!!!!!!!

27) *Turns up "Pressure" at full volume on the office speakers.*


28) *Passes Out. Wakes up 2 hours later. Deletes Twitter App*.

29) I hate myself.


Getting tweets from celebs - Ain't It Fun!