Hayley Williams Has One MASSIVE Hair Dye Regret But It's Not What You Think...

8 July 2016, 11:43 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Hayley Williams hair
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

But which colour was it? Orange? Yellow? The half and half style?!

Of all those incredibly amazing (and equally insane) hair colours that Hayley Williams has styled out over the years, you would think that she must have HAD to have some kind of regret about one of the styles. Well, you'd be right - but which iconic look was Hayley DYEing to get rid of? (DYEing, lol... get it?)

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Speaking to Fox News Magazine, Hayley sat down for a chat about about her AMAZING hair dye line, goodDYEYoung. She chatted about her history with experimenting with various colours when she was younger - she started dyeing her hair at age 13 because she wasn't allowed a tattoo and she spilled about her 'infamous' LEGO haircut which lives on forever in the form of her driver's license. 

She also happened to reveal which hair colour she regrets the most - and you won't believe what colour she chooses! Nope, it's not the yellow. Nooope, it's not the orange and pink half and half style. The hair colour she regrets the most...

Jet black hair!

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I dyed my hair black - that was a mistake and it took a long time to take out of my hair.

Hayley Williams

BLACK?! REALLY?! What a shocker!

OMG! The PopBuzz Podcast is here and it's savage AF! Listen now...

But what is her favourite colour from the GDY collection, you may ask? It's the one she's been rocking since the launch of the line, of course! 

"Right now it’s still 'Steal My Sunshine', the yellow. It’s so ridiculous and fun to wear. I think I had more compliments on my hair than ever, and it’s so weird because I thought people wouldn’t be into the green undertone that we put into it, but that’s what I really loved about it."

Here she is rocking the colour ft. Pink haired Josh Dun!

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If you're thinking of dyeing your hair with one of the GDY colours, but don't feel confident enough to do it... Queen of Rainbow Hair Goals also left us with some inspirational motivation. "The best way to rock it is to be proud of it."

"That’s kind of what I am hoping to do with GDY, make it feel like a community of people who are really creative, really inspiring, and who aren’t afraid to be different."

@ Hayley... plz come to PopBuzz HQ and I'll let you dye my hair whatever colour you want. Kthnxbye X