Hayley Williams confirms Paramore will return in 2022

30 November 2021, 13:02 | Updated: 16 September 2022, 14:58

Hayley Williams hilariously reacts to people saying Paramore “sold out”

By Sam Prance

Paramore look set to release their first album together in almost five years.

Hayley Williams has opened up about the future of Paramore and teased that the band will be back with new music in 2022.

Ever since the After Laughter era officially ended in 2018, Paramore fans have been eager for the pop-punk band to release another album. However, at the time, Hayley Williams, Zac Farro and Taylor York decided to take a break and enjoy being just friends instead of co-workers. In the following years, Hayley has released two critically-acclaimed solo albums.

The hiatus is finally over though. Hayley has just revealed that Paramore will return next year and P6 is finally coming.

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When will Paramore release their sixth album?

Hayley Williams confirms Paramore will release new music in 2022
Hayley Williams confirms Paramore will release new music in 2022. Picture: MTV via Getty Images, Fueled by Ramen

In a new newsletter, Hayley thanked fans for embracing her solo projects and hinted at what's to come. She wrote: "Before I go, thank y’all so much for the incredible support these last couple years. I know we didn’t get to properly come together to sing and vent and sweat it all out but I do think that Petals and descansos lived exactly the lives they were meant to."

Hayley then let slip the news that we've all been waiting for. The 32-year-old said: "Besides, Paramore can’t be ​‘on a break’ forever now can we?" If that weren't exciting enough, Hayley added: "I love y’all," and "See you sometime next year?" In other words, Paramore will be back in 2022 and it sounds like their long-awaited sixth album is coming then too.

When a fan asked Hayley if she would release more solo music earlier this year, Hayley confirmed: "I'm not planning on another solo album." She then teased: "I'm ready for the next Paramore album. Let's go."

With pop-punk back in full force, what better time for Paramore to return.

What are you all wearing to the Paramore is the back party?

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