Shawn Mendes compares dating Camila Cabello to intimate tree scene in Avatar

5 December 2019, 13:52 | Updated: 5 December 2019, 15:10


By PopBuzz

At a recent Q&A, Shawn compared his relationship with Camila Cabello to a passionate moment in 'Avatar' (2009) where Jake and Neytiri passionately make out in front of a tree.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello began opening up to fans about their relationship fairly early on. They've talked about having feelings for each other back in the day, when they officially started dating, and why being in love is feels better than a Grammy nomination. It's clear the young couple are seriously loved up and, according to Shawn, their connection is out of this world.

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During a recent fan Q&A, Shawn Mendes compared his relationship with Camila to a romantic scene from James Cameron's Avatar (2009).

Avatar is, of course, the mega-blockbuster that held the title of "highest-grossing film ever" for nearly 10 years before being dethroned by Avengers: Endgame in 2019.

When a fan asked Shawn to describe his relationship with Camila in one word, he went straight to cinéma for inspiration. While he didn't stick to the "one word" brief he was given, Shawn did paint a vivid picture.

"You know the movie Avatar? You know when they're in front of Eywa, the tree for the first time? That's like how Camila and I are." Shawn also interlocked his fingers to further illustrate their connection.

Fans assumed that the scene Shawn mentions is the one where Jake and Neytiri passionately kiss in front of the tree and their tail/braid things connect.

Fans on social media reacted to and defended Shawn's Avatar description.

"OMG guys the word Shawn Mendes meant is just the bond that the Avatars have at the place with the Eywa, stop watching that make out scene," tweeted one fan.

"Me realizing how I'll never watch Avatar again after Shawn Mendes said that it's him and Camila Cabello," joked another.

We can hardly blame Shawn for his description, though. He's been dying for the sequel since 2014.

Petition for James Cameron to release the sequel early so Shawn and Camila can have the movie date of their dreams.