Shawn Mendes Doesn't Know What 'Wig' Means And Fans Can't Deal

3 October 2018, 16:26

By Sam Prance

We must protect Shawn Mendes at all costs...

Shawn Mendes is having an incredible year so far. Not only has he released his critically acclaimed, self-titled, third album (it contains bops from start to finish) and stunned fans at the Billboard Music Awards and the MTV VMAs (that performance of 'In My Blood' was a moment), he has also released his own tell-all documentary with YouTube. In it he opens up about his career from Vine up to now.

Ever the relatable star, Shawn is prone to making the odd adorable, blunder here and there. This year alone he may have accidentally let slip something about Niall Horan and Hailee Steinfeld's relationship on the red carpet and just a couple of months back he was turned into a meme after falling off stage during a concert. That being said, neither compare to this new video of the 'Mercy' star.

Shawn Mendes
Shawn Mendes. Picture: Evan Agostini/AP/Press Association Images // Instagram

Shawn recently took to Instagram to do a live Q&A with fans. In it he answered questions about his music, documentary and upcoming projects. However, it's one response in particular that is catching his fans' attention. During the Q&A, the 'Youth' hit maker read out an array of fan comments, one of them being a compliment about his hair. "Your hair looks good today. Wig!" Shawn read out loud before responding,"It's not a wig". Incredible.

Pop fans and internet buffs alike will already know that "wig" doesn't mean "wig" in the traditional sense when we're talking about stan language. It is instead used as an expression of praise or excitement. If someone releases an amazing single? Wig. If two brilliant artists collaborate? Wig. If something wild happens? Wig. It's unclear if Shawn had any idea what "wig" meant or if he was just trolling us but we're obsessed.

Watch the hilarious interaction here.


Our hearts. Shawn did later say "I know twitter slang i just act like i don’t to annoy you guys” so there's a good chance that he could be playing us. Unsurprisingly fans are living for it regardless.

Here are just a few of the reactions.


We will be watching this clip on repeat for eternity.