Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Prove Modern Dating Is Weird And Hard

7 December 2015, 14:40 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

One of the greatest mysteries or our time.

Being in a public relationship is hard--especially when you're two of the highest paid celebrities on earth and both ridiculously good looking. Scottish daddy DJ, Calvin Harris recently left Instagram under suspicious circumstances and, if you believe the rumours, it's Haylor shippers that drove him to it. Haylor is, of course, the Harry Styles + Taylor Swift ship name from when they briefly dated in 2012. 2012, the year that was literally 3 years ago. 

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift at the zoo

Calvin said peace out to everyone but his 4.4 million Instagram followers last week with no explanation; however, internet sleuths say it may be because of a Haylor related tumblr post that Taylor liked. It's all a bit Dawnson's Creak for the 2015 set. Maybe Calvin Harris overreacted but is there really any right way to avoid the pitfalls of 21st online and offline love? For Calvin, it's probably wise avoiding the Haylor tags (and your girlfriend's tumblr likes).

Calvin Harris

It's undeniable that dating whilst using social media is a struggle. If you're famous, you're having to deal with shippers, famous exes, and fans (see also, One Direction's Larry Stylinson saga) and, if you're not famous, there are still some struggles that make the whole experience frustratingly modern and weird. 

When do you become social media official? 
If you can remember all the way back to the start of Taylor Swift and Calvin's relationship, there wasn't much to report on them other than the fact that they rode in cars together a lot. It was at the Grammy's, after they had been dating for a safe amount of time, that they went "public" with their relationship.

There is something to be said for waiting to debut your relationship online. You don't have to change your relationship status on Facebook the day you get together and you don't have to Instagram a bunch of pictures on your first date. In fact, how do you even know you like someone after the first date? 

How much of your relationship should you share online? 
Calvin and Taylor have been relatively low key about what they share on social media. The pictures they post are either very sweet or very special. I know people who only share their biggest moments i.e. engagements, anniversaries, vacations etc. And I know people who share absolutely everything.  It's really up to you but isn't it fun to be a little bit of a mystery? Also, for safety purposes, it's probably wise to keep most things about yourself on the down low. 

Speaking of mysteries, can we also cool it with tweeting cryptic song lyrics every time you and bae get in a fight? Not everyone needs to know you're on the outs with hun.

How do you deal with the ex factor? 
Social media is literally the worst when it comes to exes--especially if you've done the grown up thing and decided to be friends. That means a situation may arise when you're liking their photos or commenting on their #content. As long as you're not going overboard, no one can tell you not to be friends with an ex. But, it's probably best to know what will push your partner's limits. It's hard to tell what will make your partner angry but if it makes them do something drastic (like private their Instagram account) then you know you've found the threshold. 

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