People Think Taylor Swift's "Delicate" Video Is A Rip-Off Of This 2016 Perfume Ad

12 March 2018, 16:58 | Updated: 12 March 2018, 20:46

Taylor Swift Delicate Video Kenzo Perfume Ad
Picture: Big Machine Records/Kenzo

By Katie Louise Smith

According to Twitter, it seems like Taylor's music video director Joseph Kahn took "inspiration" from Kenzo's 2016 commercial.

She's back! Queen of music videos Taylor Swift dropped back in last night (March 11) during the iHeartRadio awards to deliver the music video for 'Delicate', the latest single from her album, reputation. The song is reportedly said to be about her boyfriend Joe Alwyn but the video itself takes on a much deeper meaning about how Taylor's *reputation* is perceived in public and how she almost forgot to be herself while trying to hold up her rep. It's kinda deep when you think about it...

The video itself is cute (we see that tiny little Joe reference at the end, Taylor... you ain't slick) but some fans seem to have spotted some pretty bold similarities between her new video and the Spike Jonze directed commercial for the Kenzo World perfume from 2016 - and now they're calling her out for ripping it off.

Don't believe us... here's the tea:

Ok, so we're pretty sure no one is *stealing* anything, everyone is allowed to take a bit of creative inspiration here and there but are Taylor and Kahn guilty of "borrowing" a little too much of the aesthetic from the Kenzo commercial? We mean, the similarities that do exist are far too strong and too obvious to chalk it up to a mere coincidence... The facial expressions, that gorilla dance move, the dresses...


You can watch both videos in full below and make up your own mind:

Taylor Swift - Delicate

KENZO World - The new fragrance