Taylor Swift's Australian Eras Tour issues strict new rules for friendship bracelets

9 February 2024, 15:20 | Updated: 9 February 2024, 17:04

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By Katie Louise Smith

Organisers have placed a ban on Swifties bringing their friendship bracelets into the venue on carabiner clips and shower-rings.

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Since the start of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, the friendship bracelet trend has grown into a key part of attending a Taylor Swift show. Inspired by one lyric from 'You're On Your Own, Kid', Swifties have making bracelets so they can trade them with others before, during and after the concerts.

While most have brought their handful of bracelets to shows on their wrists, some fans have been making them in their hundreds and attaching the huge bundles to carabiner clips or bag straps in order to make them easier to trade.

The hack has been going viral on TikTok since the first U.S. leg, where the clips and straps didn't seem to be a problem when entering the venues.

However, with Taylor's Australian dates now just weeks away, event organisers have placed strict rules on the way fans are allowed to bring their bracelets into the venues.

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Australian Swifties are facing a new strict rule about friendship bracelets on the Eras Tour
Australian Swifties are facing a new strict rule about friendship bracelets on the Eras Tour. Picture: Ethan Miller/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management, Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images

On Feb 7th, Frontier Touring issued some guidance over what fans were allowed to bring into the stadiums ahead of Taylor's Australian shows. At the top of that list was an unexpected strict rule about friendship bracelets.

"Friendship bracelets are allowed to be brought into the venues but must be worn on patrons' arms – strictly no carabiner, d-rings, or other," they wrote in a post on social media.

Swifties immediately flocked to the comments to question the new rule.

"No offence this is pretty shit," one user responded. "All the people who made so many friendship bracelets can’t carry them all on their arms." Another added: "I HAVE 400 BRACELETS, how am i supposed to wear them all????"

Shortly after the complaints, the friendship bracelet rule was changed due to pushback. But there's still a strict guideline in place.

Following calls from Swifties to relax the rule, the company then clarified their guidelines to allow fans to bring their bracelets into the venue in their single allowed bag, as well as on their wrist.

However, if fans aren't wearing them on their wrists, the loose bracelets must be able to fit into their small bag, and will not be allowed to be brought in in a separate bag.

Carabiner clips, d-rings and shower curtain rings are still banned from the venue for safety reasons.

It's also worth adding that Taylor herself has absolutely nothing to do with the new rule, it's the event organisers who have enforced it.

It's unclear if this rule will be added by organisers to any of the shows in Singapore or Europe, but if you're heading to a show in Australia later this month, make sure you don't get caught out at security and lose all your bracelets!

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