Taylor Swift fans called out over "invasive" Marjorie surprise on her Eras Tour

10 May 2023, 12:18

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By Sam Prance

A group of Swifities surprised Taylor Swift by holding up photos of her late grandmother Marjorie while she sang.

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Taylor Swift fans are calling out a group of Swifties who surprised Taylor while she sang 'Marjorie' during her Eras Tour.

If you're a Swiftie, you'll already know how important the song 'Marjorie' is to Taylor. The song is a tribute to her late grandmother Marjorie Finlay. Marjorie helped inspire Taylor to pursue a career in music and the song features real background vocals of Marjorie singing opera. In the chorus, Taylor sings: "What died didn't stay dead / You're alive, you're alive in my head."

Taylor performs 'Marjorie' every night during The Eras Tour often bringing fans to tears. Last Friday (May 5), at Taylor's first Nashville show of The Eras Tour, a group of fans organised a project during Taylor's performance of 'Marjorie' but they're now facing criticism over it.

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Taylor Swift fans called out over "invasive" Marjorie surprise on her Eras Tour
Taylor Swift fans called out over "invasive" Marjorie surprise on her Eras Tour. Picture: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images, @thebwills via TikTok

In the Evermore section of her concert, Taylor sang 'Marjorie' like she does every night of The Eras Tour. However, a group of fans then surprised the 33-year-old singer by holding up photos of Marjorie in the audience. While Taylor appeared touched in some videos, people have since called out the fans for not considering how the surprise might have impacted Taylor.

One person tweeted: "Why the f--- would you hold up signs of someone’s dead family member when they are trying to perform??? y’all do not know these artists personally and this is so invasive."

Another wrote: "This isn't sweet. if a stranger holds up a picture of my dead nan while I'm singing I'm breaking down."

As it stands, Taylor is yet to speak about the moment. However, it's worth bearing in mind how this could affect her, if you're planning more surprises in future concerts.

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