Is Taylor Swift Deleting People's Tumblr Posts?

30 October 2015, 14:13 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Taylor Swift Please Delete Me

By Alim Kheraj

WTF is going on, eh?

There's a secret war going on and it's all centred around Taylor Swift, Adele and Tumblr. 

Following Adele's incredible feat of topping Taylor's record for the most Vevo plays in 24 hours, people were taking to Tumblr to make jokes about how "Hello" was out performing "Bad Blood". 

Now, we're not condoning the pitting of female popstars against each other, but it's 2015 and that's the world we live in. Stans will fight hard to the death to make comments about their faves and against their least faves. 

But now things seem to be getting out of control. According to Twitter user @evrenperry (who is himself a Katy Perry stan), his friend's tumblr post about Adele 'snatching' Taylor's record was deleted from the whole entire internet. 

Below is a screenshot of the original blog post:

We're not 100% convinced of this, but if it turns out to be true we're worried for our souls (and those of everyone else's on the internet).

Of course people have reacted rather strongly to this apparent mis-step of censorship.

Obvs people have also been poking fun at the whole thing.

If Taylor Swift, or more likely her team, is deleting people's Tumblr posts then someone needs to have a word.

It's one thing to mute people on Twitter who are not being wholly kind, but to delete posts off of platforms that are full of self-expression and people's opinions is an archaic form of censorship that's out of control.

Is this a picture of Taylor Swift signing her contract declaring her ownership of Tumblr?

Why we're not too sure that the whole thing is legit is because how on earth does Taylor and her team (we'll always live in fear of Taylor Nation) wield so much power? What secrets do they know?

This is probably Taylor right now reading this article (and our thoughts).

The whole thing has us watching our backs. Be careful what you whisper because Swiftie might just hear you...

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