Taylor Swift fans think she hinted at her breakup from Joe Alwyn with her Eras Tour setlist change

11 April 2023, 12:22 | Updated: 11 April 2023, 12:50

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By Sam Prance

Has there ever been a more heartbreaking setlist change?

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Taylor Swift fans think that she alluded to her breakup from Joe Alwyn at the Eras Tour days before the news actually broke.

Over the weekend (Apr 8), People reported that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn had broken up after six years together. A source told the magazine that the celeb couple split a few weeks ago after realising that they "weren't the right fit for one another" due to "differences in their personalities." Taylor and Joe are yet to publicly comment on the end of their relationship.

However, Swifties are convinced that Taylor secretly referenced the breakup on her tour with a very pointed song change.

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Taylor Swift fans think she hinted at her breakup from Joe Alwyn with her Eras Tour setlist change
Taylor Swift fans think she hinted at her breakup from Joe Alwyn with her Eras Tour setlist change. Picture: Steven Ferdman/Getty Images, Christopher Polk/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

When Taylor's The Eras Tour began fans assumed that, outside of her "surprise songs", the 44 song setlist would remain the same throughout the tour. Each song comes with its own intricate set pieces and choreography. However, Taylor surprised fans at her shows in Arlington, Texas by replacing 'Invisible String' with 'The 1'.

Joking about the song change, Taylor said: "You think you can come prepared? You think you can just scroll and know the setlist?"

Now, fans think that the song change had a deeper meaning given that 'Invisible String' is widely believed to be about her romance with Joe and 'The 1' is about the one that got away.

Taylor Swift – invisible string (Official Lyric Video)

Taylor Swift - the 1 (Official Lyric Video)

In the bridge of 'Invisible String', Taylor appears to sing about how Joe saved her from her past failed relationships. It goes: "A string that pulled me / Out of all the wrong arms right into that dive bar / Something wrapped all of my past mistakes in barbed wire / Chains around my demons, wool to brave the seasons / One single thread of gold tied me to you".

Meanwhile, in 'The 1', Taylor mourns a former love. She sings: "But we were something, don't you think so? / Roaring 20s, tossing pennies in the pool / And if my wishes came true / It would've been you / In my defense, I have none / For never leaving well enough alone / But it would've been fun / If you would've been the one".

Naturally, fans are crying over the thought that this song change could be a reference to Taylor actually mourning her relationship with Joe. Here are just a few of the reactions so far.

Elsewhere, fans have noticed that Taylor performed 'Clean' and 'Death by a Thousand Cuts' as her surprise songs on April 1st, both of which explicitly reference a breakup.

BRB, crying until further notice.

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