Taylor Swift's new album: Name, release date, clues, 4.26 theories and everything we know so far

18 April 2019, 14:43

Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Here's every single clue Taylor Swift has given about TS7 - including the meaning behind the 4.26 countdown and the fan theories behind the potential release date.

The time is upon us. TS7 is coming. After an incredible record breaking era with her sixth studio album Reputation, Taylor Swift is back and she's teasing new music through a countdown and the most elaborate web of cryptic clues the music industry has ever seen.

Taylor has been hinting at TS7 for a very long time. In fact, she's probably been dropping subtle clues as far back as the start of the Reputation era if these incredible fan theories are true.

Over the past few months, Taylor has been posting pictures on Instagram that hint at a whole new vibe and aesthetic for her next era - and every single one appears to have some sort of hidden message. But what do they mean? Let's investigate...

Here's everything you need to know about Taylor Swift's TS7 album, including the name, release date and every clue she's posted so far...

Taylor Swift's seventh album is coming....
Taylor Swift's seventh album is coming.... Picture: Taylor Swift via Instagram

When will Taylor Swift's album be released?

There's a question we're all dying to know the answer to. As of right now, there is no confirmed release date for TS7.

On April 13th, Taylor launched a countdown that will announce something on April 26th. This date is not just a random date either - and here's where you're about to discover that Taylor has been teasing this for a VERY long time.

In Taylor's official 2019 calendar, there are several dates marked with a wax stamp. The first date in the calendar to have that stamp is... April 13th. The only other months that also have stamps on the 13th day of the month are May, July, August and December (Taylor's birthday).

If the countdown began on April 13th (the first stamp), could the May, July and August dates signify single and album drops? Or could they be indications of another round of 13 day countdowns? Reputation's lead single, 'Look What You Made Me Do', was released in August and was followed by 'Ready For It?' in October before the album dropped in November.

So, should we expect an album on August 13th?

What is happening on April 26th?

If we take into consideration the way Taylor announced the Reputation era, the countdown will likely end with a single announcement, and perhaps an album cover and name reveal too.

The countdown has also been planned for a very long time. On January 1st, Taylor Nation posted a tweet containing 115 rainbow emojis. 115 days later? THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS.

What is the name of Taylor Swift's seventh album?

Well, obviously, we don't know that yet but that doesn't mean fans haven't been out there speculating about what it could be. Back in May 2018, Taylor appeared at the Billboard Music Awards dressed in a pastel pink embellished gown. Hidden on the dress was the world 'Eternal', leading fans to start speculating how the word could be linked to her next era. Ms Taylor Alison Swift does nothing by coincidence, after all.

Whether or not that has anything to do with the eventual album name remains to be seen. We'll hopefully find out the name of the album at the end of whatever the hell that countdown is counting down to.

What will the first single from Taylor Swift's 7th album be called?

Who knows! But there is a huge conspiracy theory doing the rounds involving Taylor's 2011 single 'The Story of Us' and fans are now wondering if the new single (or album) is connected to the Speak Now track.

As we all know, Taylor's big countdown ends on April 26... or 4.26. At the start of her cryptic Instagram teases, Taylor posted a picture of 7 palm trees. When Taylor spoke about her next era at the American Music Awards, she said she was 'even more excited about the next chapter.' Next chapter, huh? Interesting.

After throwing all those clues together, Twitter user @frustrated_rtst sleuthed: "Taylor's countdown on her IG is giving me chills. April 26th? Is this it? TS7? Is this the "next chapter"? You know what else has "next chapter" written on 'em? The 'Story of Us'. You know how long this song is? 4:26. And do you know what number it is on the album? 7."

Seems like a lot of effort to tease something THAT deep but if anyone can pull it off, Taylor can.

Either way, Taylor's seventh album era will start on 4/26.

What will the theme and aesthetic of the next album be?

Say goodbye to the snakeskin - it looks like Taylor is going for a full pastel colour palette consisting of baby blues, blush pinks and pale yellows.

Fans have also spotted two other threads that could hint toward the vibe or aesthetic of the album: Palm trees and butterflies.

Since the end of the Reputation era, Taylor seems to have adopted the palm tree in a lot of her content. When she posted a picture of the palm trees in the very first hint at a new era on Instagram, fans began diving deeper into her recent appearances to find more clues.

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They found palm trees on the khaki jacket she wore in a Reputation photoshoot, palm trees stitched into the embroidery design on her Billboard Music Awards dress and, perhaps more impressively, sleuthed her leaving her apartment on the way to the studio, wearing palm tree print, ON WORLD SNAKE DAY.

In fact, the hints at the palm tree print go back even further... right back to the start of the Reputation era. In the video for 'Look What You Made Me Do', you may recall several different Taylors standing in a line in front of the TS6 plane. There's also one standing on the wing that we hadn't seen before - wearing a palm tree print playsuit. Was she Vacation Taylor? A future iteration of Coachella Taylor? Or was she TS7 Taylor?

Taylor Swift's palm tree print alter ego in LWYMD video
Taylor Swift's palm tree print alter ego in LWYMD video. Picture: Big Machine

The butterfly motif has also popped up several times in recent months too. Taylor wore Sophia Webster butterfly heels to the iHeartRadio music awards. She also added a butterfly onto the front of Todrick Hall's birthday card - along with the instantly recognisable wax seal that also features in the heavily-laden with clues official calendar.

What other clues has Taylor Swift dropped about her next album?

Before she began teasing the new era, Taylor shared an image of herself on Instagram playing Scrabble with her mum, Andrea. The caption on the photo read: “let the games BEGIN”

Why is that important? National Scrabble Day is on April 13th.

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Let the games BEGIN.

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Taylor's entire Instagram account is now a mine field for teasers and clues - from pastels, bejewelled hearts, tulle dresses and nail varnish.

Taylor Swift Instagram
Taylor Swift Instagram. Picture: Taylor Swift via Instagram