Taylor Swift 'Liked' A SAVAGE Meme About Republicans On Tumblr

10 October 2018, 14:53 | Updated: 10 October 2018, 15:12

By Katie Louise Smith

One things for sure, Taylor Swift is DONE with caring about what other people think of her personal political choices.

In case you missed it, Taylor Swift ended her own political silence with a powerful Instagram statement earlier this week and people are living for it. If you haven't yet taken the time to read it, you probably should.

On Sunday, Taylor (who will now henceforth be known as 'Tayliberal Swift') took to Instagram to write a long, personal post about the importance of voting. In her caption, she urged fans to register to vote, take time to consider which candidates speak for them and then also revealed that she will be voting for two Democratic candidates in the mid-terms. She also spoke out against Republican candidate Marsha Blackburn's values and 'terrifying' voting record in Congress.

Her statement has earned her huge amounts of fans and praise from people all over the world but, as expected, it's pissed off a lot of Republicans - including Trump, who had a lot to say about her the other day in the press. SAD!

Taylor Swift Tumblr Republican Meme
Picture: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for TAS/via Twitter

Following her iconic political statement, Tayliberal logged onto Tumblr and started engaging with her fans, as she often likes to do in her down time. She liked a few posts from stans saying how proud they were of her, and how important it was for them to see Taylor finally speak up so publicly about the importance of voting.

And then she started liking memes... The one meme in particular that sent the fandom into hysterics? It was a photo of her kicking one of her dancers on the Reputation tour, with the word "Republicans" captioned over the falling dancer. Preeeeetty savage, huh?


Some people were absolutely living for the new savage 'no-fucks-given' Swift.


Others weren't, given the subtext of the image. While Taylor simply encouraged people to vote of their own accord (she never persuaded anyone to vote the same way as her), some fans took her acknowledging this meme to mean that she doesn't care about her fans who are Republicans.


As spicy as the meme was, it's clear that Taylor only liked it as a joke. We highly doubt that she'd go around kicking people because of their political stances. But judging by the other memes and posts she's liked, it's clear that she's done caring about silencing herself on important matters that affect the country, minorities and those who's voices are never heard.

As a result of Taylor's passionate Instagram post, there has been a HUGE surge in voter registration. Vote.org reports that nearly 65,000 Americans ages 18 to 29 registered to vote in the roughly 24 hours after the singer-songwriter's social media rallying cry. By 12pm the next day, that number grew to more than 102,000. HER IMPACT! HER MIND!

Oh, and what did Trump have to say about her Instagram post? Apparently, he likes her music "25% less now." Oh no, what a shame. How ever will she cope without the full 100% of his support?