People Are Sending Death Threats To Taylor Swift’s BFF After She Posts HUGE Twitter Rant

19 July 2016, 12:06 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Taylor Swift Abigail Anderson Death Threats
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

She dragged a pretty famous innocent party into the drama too...

Ladies and gentlemen, Taylor Swift's BFF and subject of her song "Fifteen", Abigail Anderson has entered the ring. Swifty's ride or die took to Twitter yesterday to share her thoughts on the ongoing pop culture nightmare.

In case you missed it (we're not sure how you did but ok...) Taylor managed to get herself into a spot of bother with notoriously savvy LA-based businesswoman Kim Kardashian West and her husband, who is like a musician or something. On Monday, Kim posted a series of videos to Snapchat "exposing" Taylor for lying about her knowledge of the lyrics on Kanye West's "Famous".

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Long story short, Taylor's game plan backfired and resulted in the majority of the internet "siding" with Kim. Feeling the need to jump to her BFF's defence, Abigail aired her feelings to the internet yesterday - in one long winded, passive aggressive rant at Kanye West... and his 3 year old daughter. 

She began the thread by tweeting: “Lord, hear my prayers… I pray God helps your daughter understand, that despite how many times she’ll hear daddy reference all women as ‘bitches,’ she isn’t one."

She then continued: 


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While many of her followers were impressed with the way she stood up for Taylor, many were APPALLED that she felt the need to widen the argument to include the heir to the Kardashian-West throne, North West. 

The heat from people who were still looking for the next #KimExposedTaylor after party was so bad, she ended up deleting the tweets because she started receiving death threats.


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Here's a few of the direct replies she received in response to her tweets: 


WELL THEN! Do you think Abigail was out of line for bringing North West into the argument, or was she right to express her thoughts on the matter?