There's A HUGE Hidden Message In Taylor Swift's Snake Video That You Completely Missed

23 August 2017, 12:38 | Updated: 23 August 2017, 15:05

Taylor Swift HIdden Messages
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

She's reclaiming the snake and sending out subliminal messages in the process.

Taylor of House Swift, the first of her name, Queen of the Charts, Breaker of Records, Hater of all streaming services, Mother of Snakes is plotting her return to the music industry and she *thought* she was being pretty secretive about it...

It's been a few days since Taylor deleted her entire online presence (a move that popstars have now adopted as their go-to for when they're about to embark on a new era) and left the world shook in the process. 

On Monday, she tried to upstage the solar eclipse when she dropped a 10 second silent video of what looks like a snake and on Tuesday, at the exact same time, she dropped an even longer clip with the next half of the snake. 


Now, after an intense 48 hours staring at the scales, fans have noticed some subliminal messaging in the body of the creature that hints to a release date of her new single and eventual album.

Apparently, if you pause at the right moments, there's some hidden numbers that show up on the scales of the snake throughout the video when it does that weird little RBG colour blip.


25? That could mean anything, right?! Maybe it's a warning to Adele that Taylor is coming for her record-breaking album? Maybe it's a tribute to her best friends Selena Gomez and Karlie Kloss who, coincidentally, both turned 25 this year. But fans have also sleuthed on the time that the videos have been dropping - 8am PST, on the dot - which means that their theory totally checks out.

8 + 25? 8/25? August 25? Friday August 25? CASE CLOSED. SINGLE DROPPING. 


As for the album? Fans think the actual release date for the ALBUM will be October 20th? Why? Well, mainly because she has released every single one of her albums in October and... get this, the length of the damn videos.

The first video that Taylor dropped was 10 seconds long. The second video was 20 seconds long. That makes it 10/20... and October 20th is a Friday too.


That's not the only conspiracy theory about the new era either, Swifties have been going into overdrive trying to find out the name of the single, the name of the album and every lyrics from the tracks. 

1) There's a suspicious greetings card that popped up at the same time that Taylor dropped the videos - and it has 13 words on it.


2) Her currently blank website has hidden coded messages in the HTML.


3) This mysterious new website that's just popped up and an unconfirmed registered song title.


Side note: I would STRONGLY urge MI5, MI6, FBI and the CIA to hire some of these god damn Swifties because this level of sleuthing could bring down nations. 

So, now that we have all this new information, what can we expect her next move to be? Will Taylor perform at the VMAs on Sunday and make Britney's Slave 4 U duet with Banana the Boa the second most iconic snake performance of all time? Will we ~actually~ be blessed with music that we never asked for but on some level have been unconsciously and desperately craving for years this Friday? 

Who knows but what we DO know is... Taylor's dark era upon us and she NOT f*cking around.