10 Reasons Why The 1975 Might Be Trolling Us, Again

30 September 2015, 13:26 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

A mysterious countdown has appeared on their website. Something is about to go down.

What is it with artists and countdown clocks? They can't get enough of them. Every week someone uses one and, to be honest, it can be an underwhelming experience.

Do you remember that time Justin Timberlake started one, only for it to be a future date for when he would drop a single...LAME! Why didn't he just drop the single after the countdown? That's like cooking dinner for friends but only serving it when it's gone cold. It doesn't make sense.

Anyway we are going to put our scepticism away for the 1975. Earlier this year they deleted all their social media, only to reactivate it a few days later. It was a perfect exercise in trolling, and we like that. It creates an air of unpredictability, which is far more exciting than standard social media campaigns.

So what could it mean then? They must have completed recording an album by now, and they just announced a tour, so a single or album release date is likely. But given their previous trolling tactics, we wouldn't be surprised if it was any of the following. 

1) 1976

The boys have completely forgotten what year it is and they're getting ready to announced their NYE party to see in 1976. Who's going to break the bad news to them?

2) An appointment with the Podiatrist

Perhaps the boys have very bad verrucas and they need to see the Podiatrist? The waiting times are a b*tch so they might have started the countdown to celebrate their imminent removal. Hope they get better, huns!

3) To delete their social media accounts. Again.

You know they would.

4) Denise Welch's return to Loose Women.

For those unaware, Matty's mum is a famous actress in the UK but received a lot of notoriety for appearing on Loose Women, the British and trashier version of The View. She's stopped back in 2013 and frankly we've missed Denise's hot takes on overweight children and three-legged dogs. Come back bbz!

5) The workers uprising and global socialist revolution.

It's coming guys! Any minute now...

6) A threat to a seller on eBay.

The countdown is, in fact, a warning to an eBay seller who sold the boys their new tour outfits but they haven't arrived yet. Unless it arrives by the end of the countdown, they are going to hunt the seller down and force him to listen to their music in a dark basement non-stop for a whole month. It's harsh world, ya'll.

7) Matty will be debuting a new hair flick.

Matty's been rocking his signature hair flick for a while now. It's time for a new one. We're thinking Blue Steel 2.0 only for hair. Werk it, girlfriend.

8) Countdown to Rihanna's new album.

It's the question on everyone's lips: where is R8? The 1975, in their infinite wisdom, have started a countdown to provide a deadline for princess RiRi to finish her album. Thank god.

9) Armageddon.

Perhaps they know something we don't?

10) Or it's just the name/details of their new album?

Yeah. It's this, isn't it? 

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