Is Matty Healy's Mum The New Queen Of Coachella?

25 April 2016, 16:09 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Denise Welch Coachella Matty Healy The 1975
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Denise Welch is bae.

Move over Vanessa Hudgens, there is a new queen of Coachella in town and her name is Denise Welch.

Many of you know Denise as the mother of Matty Healy from The 1975. Prior to being a popstar's mum, Denise became famous in the UK during the 90s thanks to her portrayal of homewrecker and all-round bad b*tch Natalie Barnes in the soap opera Coronation Street.

Seriously, you didn't want to mess with Natalie Barnes.


Denise has a lot of sass herself, as exemplified by this tweet.


We've got a lot to thank her for tbh...


She's also bezzie mates with Harry Styles' mum. 

None of this, however, compares to her new role as the no.1 Coachella babe. She's got it down to an art...


Firstly, there is the obligatory picture of a billboard involving your famous friend (or son) on the way to Coachella.

 It's all about the humble brag, baby. 


You must take as many selfies as humanly possible. 

Coachella is basically a glorified photography set for taking selfies. The music is secondary. We were LIVING for her Coachella selfie game. Not even Paris Hilton could compete.


Get a picture with Jared Leto or go home.

If you don't get a picture with Jared Leto at Coachella then you might as well have locked yourself in a dark basement all weekend. Rumour has it that if you manage to get a selfie with Denise Welch AND Jared Leto then you're guaranteed free entry for life.


Get your squad in formation and pose for more photos.


Go on a massive bender after the weekend. THE PARTY NEVER HAS TO DIE.


And that's pretty much it. We can't wait to see Denise SLAY Coachella 2017 and every other Coachella after. LONG LIVE DENISE!