13 Times Matty Healy's Dance Moves Made You Scream "Love Me"

29 December 2016, 17:02 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

matty healy dancing
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

We guide you through The 1975 frontman's finest moves from the "Live At The O2" concert film.

The 1975 unveiled their Live At The O2 concert film on Christmas Day and, honestly, we have been reliving their insane tour ever since. 

But not only is the show entertaining, it also provides us all with a much needed public service, Matty helpfully serving up all manner of outrageous, original dance moves for us to steal and break out at a party to pass off as our own. But which ones should you grab? Here are a few of our fave Matty moves that should get any shindig popping off.


1) The "Strip Club Shimmy"

The 1975, YouTube

Perfect for getting some extra tips from that hen party necking pinot in the corner by the condom machine.


2) The "Confused Macarena"

The 1975, YouTube

Is it arms out first? Or the head bit? And when do the hips come into play?


3) The "Toddler Drinks Too Much Fizzy Pop"

The 1975, YouTube

Sugar overload - he'll sleep well tonight but there'll be tears before bedtime. 


4) The "Singing To Yourself In The Bathroom Mirror When You've Just Got Out Of The Shower"

The 1975, YouTube

"Oh hi, I didn't see you there, do you come here often? You look pretty good to me..."


5) The "Funky Chicken Attempting To Take Flight"

The 1975, YouTube

Damn these skinny non-feathered wings, why won't you let me soar?


6) The "Scraping Gum Off Your Shoe But Styling It Out"

The 1975, YouTube

Nobody will ever know...


7) The "One-Man Conga"

The 1975, YouTube

Someone has to start things off before the line can get moving.


8) The "Wait...I Can't Do The Splits!"

The 1975, YouTube

Abort plan! Bend your knees! Bring the lights down, quick!


9) The "Even More Confused Macarena"

The 1975, YouTube

Ok, now this MUST be the right version. It defo ends on big arms, I know that much...


10) The "BUT I WANT IT NOW!!!!"

The 1975, YouTube

Stop making me wait dammit! You said delivery between 20-30 minutes - well it's 31 minutes now motherf*cker! Where you at?


11) The "Prom Band Sway"

The 1975, YouTube

Would win any 1950s high school music contest against Marty McFly, no doubt.


12) The "Milk The Cow"

The 1975, YouTube

We hope that's a cow...


13) The "Choreographed Routine You Made Up With Your Mates That Is Just Too Tiring After A Few Drinks"

The 1975, YouTube

Who thought this was a good idea? It's only the school Christmas talent show, why are we putting in this much work? I'm shattered!


Got your own fave Matty move? Let us know below. 

The 1975, YouTube

And check out the full Live At The O2 show on YouTube now until the end of January. 

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