Matty Healy Asked Us Out For A Drink And Here's What Happened

16 December 2016, 13:35 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

matty drink 2
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

The 1975 frontman asked us out for a cheeky wine...but things didn't go quite to plan.

It was supposed to be just another The 1975 gig (our fourth trip to see them this year), watching the winner's of the PopBuzz album of the year play their biggest ever headline show at London's 20,000 capacity O2 arena.

But when we collected our tickets, we noticed a little something extra inside the envelope - a personal invitation from none other than Mr Matty Healy to join him for a glass of post-show Merlot in his private chambers.

1975 note


(This pic was difficult to take given how much our hands were trembling).

Safe to say, our absent colleagues were delighted with this sudden turn of events.

1975 comment


Should have cancelled all other plans tonight mate!

Obviously, we were so shook we almost collapsed in a fanboy heap, swaying side to side more wildly than Matty's legs in the 'UGH!' video. But, upon composing ourselves, we realised we had to emotionally, spiritually and mentally prepare ourselves for our drinks date with the boys. And so began our emotional night with The 1975...


The 37 Emotional Stages Of Preparation For Our Drinks Date With Matty Healy

1) *checks if outfit is appropriate post-show party wear, shakes head in dismay* Better hit the merch stand!


2) Is the hat and wristband combo too much or just right?

1975 merch

Snapchat pop_buzz

Don't wanna freak him out obviously.


3) Or how about we dress to impress by showing off our old school knowledge?

1975 merch

Snapchat pop_buzz

Mental note - don't ask him to add 'Ghosts' and 'Lost Boys' to the setlist. That's too thirsty.


4) Right, should grab a quick drink to calm the nerves. Dutch courage all the way.


5) £6 FOR ONE PINT!!!! Well, that's that idea out the window then.


6) Lovely seats but a bit weird being next to all the friends and family of the band. Wait, what are we saying - we ARE a friend of the band, we belong here.


7) Ooh The Japanese House are on - how fun.

the japanese house

Snapchat pop_buzz

Must remember to mention to Matty how much we admired his work with the band and praise his championing of a promising new young artist. He'll appreciate that.


8) And now we wait...


9) Two girls in front of us ask where our shiny green wristbands came from. Sorry guys, we are with the band now...


10) Ok, fine, I'll pay £6 for a pint. You win O2 arena, you win.


11) Is it nervous in here or is it just me?

1975 concert pic

Snapchat pop_buzz

Probably just us.


12) Lights down, much screaming.


13) And we're off!


14) Aww bless him, he's put his tux on especially for us!


15) 'Love Me' remains an absolute tune.


16) He keeps pointing into the crowd but not at us. Must have been given the wrong seat number. We're down here fella, don't worry!


17) Is he wearing slippers too?


18) Ooh, time for a bit of politics. Go on Matty, set the world to rights!



Better swot up on our world events before the end of the show, can't seem unintelligent!


19) Yep, those are slippers.


20) 'Somebody Else'. We're officially a wreck.


21) Is that a bit of eyeshadow we spot? 

22) Yes, yes it is.





23) Gospel Choir alert! Maybe after tonight, we'll get to join. We do have an MA in Musical Theatre - that's got to count for something.


24) The Sound is incoming...

25) JUMP!



Never gets old.


26) Right, and now we wait for our security escort.

27) Oh god, we're in the corridor leading into the green room...

28) Photos with the signed framed Paramore poster on the wall will have to wait...


29) And we're in. Bit weird that there are at least 150 other people here for our drinks date but we'll probably have a private table sorted or something.


30) Of course the red wine is free.

wine matty

Snapchat pop_buzz

Of course it is.


31) Denise Welch is in the room. Surely we aren't ready to meet the parents just yet? Although, as all the other Loose Women are with her, maybe we can quiz Kate Thornton in depth about the glory days of Pop Idol.


32) Adam and Ross are milling about too but still no sign of the main man.


33) The stereo is now playing Halsey at full volume and we are too scared to point out the awkwardness...


34) Hang on, is there a side room with friends and family? Why do those people have a second wristband? Is that bouncer escorting them over? Why has Denise disappeared? Is Ross leaving or going backstage? What is happening?!?!


35) Seriously now, it's almost 1am!


36) The big lights have come back on. Security are pointing at the door. The dream is officially over.

matty wine 2

Snapchat pop_buzz

Heartbroken, alone and all out of wine...


37) Waited for taxi for 30 mins in the reception of the InterContinental hotel. Fell asleep in the Uber home. Try to stop catching feels at every turn. It just wasn't meant to be.


Dammit Matty - you may be a terrible drinks date but at least you know how to put on a good show!


The 1975 continue their tour tonight at London's O2 Arena. Just don't expect to meet anybody afterwards.

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