11 Tweets That Prove Matty Healy Is The Voice Of Our Generation

19 August 2016, 17:09 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

"Just for the record. I love One Direction. But not as much as I care about the human race."

If he's not out writing fire lyrics, then he's tweeting motivational sh*t into the universe. Matty Healy is truly the voice of our generation, from tackling serious politics to asking the important questions we've all been thinking about - he's woke on all fronts. 

Let the inspiration wash over you right now. You'll leave this article a better person.

1) Matty is always full of optimism. Even if you've just flopped at karaoke, Matty has your back. 

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2) Never be afraid to take time out of busy schedule to focus on your dreams and the things that make you happy.

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3) Let your inhibitions run wild. Be yourself day and night.

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4) It's never too late to say sorry. Or admit to being everyone's least favourite girl with the good hair. 

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5) What is life without a little bit of humble-bragging? 

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6) Take a moment out of your busy schedule to really re-evaulate who you are as a person. It's all about authenticity in 2016.

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7) Never judge a book by its cover, friends. Not everything is what it seems. There is beauty in the tea-stained darkness.

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8) Except for the F word, right Matty?

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10) Everyone is allowed a little cheeky boy band indulgence but you should probably get your priorities in check first.

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11) Never be afraid to go for that haircut you've been thinking about. Life is about taking risks.

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Thanks Matty.

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