24 Educational Things Matty Healy Taught Us In 2016

7 December 2016, 12:46 | Updated: 30 December 2019, 10:50

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte


2016 has been an unpredictable, diabolical whirlwind into valleys of hell. Thank god we had Matty Healy to guide us through it with his often hilarious, highly education Twitter feed.



In January, like everyone else, Matty was unaware of the utter shit show that was about to go down in 2016.  

It literally took 11 days for the shit to hit the fan


But we did learn what Matty's favourite song is so I guess we have that...


After months of promo I Like It When You Sleep... finally dropped in February aka the best month of the year. 

Matty's reaction to the album release?


The appropriate reaction for listening to 'She's American' is this.


Oh, and don't start a Twitter beef with Matty. Very important that one.


In March we were mainly listening to I Like It When You Sleep... and not doing any learning although we did have time for this.


MATTY *claps* IS *claps* NOT *claps* A *claps* MISOGYNIST 


Secret info about your fave songs yeah.


April left us...





May was a big month for education. We learned that the Government will steal you aesthetic AND your money... 


...BUT if Radiohead copy you then that's absolutely fine. Noted.


June. What a time to be alive. Mainly because of this:


There was a lot education going on in July but only one thing mattered and that was the day Lorde discovered the greatness of 'Somebody Else'.


August came round like it does every year but what did we learn?  

Fake merch is the best merch. // T H E 1 9 7 6 / / 


Remember: if you learn nothing from this article you can still become a pop star, kids.


I identify with this tweet on a very personal level. #WhyDidYouHaveToBreakMyHeartJustinVernon


September. The start of a new term. Lots of learning to do.

Us too.


We knew this already but The Sun can fuck off, can't it?




October saw less learning, except one thing...that Matty's hair is becoming more and more like Sideshow Bob's bouffant with each passing day.


In November we tried to hide from the world but Matty had more important information for us to digest.

Is this the best Halloween gig ever? Yes.


Matty was also busy plugging Bruno Mars' new song because it's the best ballad since 'Bleeding Love' (don't @ me).


In December we discovered:

That we support Newcastle United now.


Your choice of ashtray can speak volumes about your political persuasion. 


Wow. What an education it's been. Thanks Matty!