If You Like The 1975 You Will LOVE The Ready Set's New Album

7 April 2016, 16:47 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

the ready set
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

The album of the summer has arrived!

The Ready Set return this month with brand new album I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love and we got an early listen to see what main man Jordan Witzigreuter has in store. 

Hopeless Records

1) Disappearing Act

Already a single, the album opener gives off a retro, early 00s pop vibe, full of synth stabs and an almost N'Sync flavour in the mid-section breakdown. Unafraid of referencing boybands or cheesy electro, it sets the scene for the grander musical landscape of the remainder of the record, taking in all manner of styles and genres to great effect.

2) Being Afraid

With an intro like a tropical video game, this Bieber-esque bop has to be the catchiest and poppiest moment in the history of Hopeless Records and we LOVE it. An early pick for track of the summer, we can totally see playing this in a beach bar in the mediterranean somewhere this July. 

3) Good Enough

Another single you will have heard, the mid-tempo love song has a simple, timeless quality that bounces off the modern production style to create a piano-led anthem ready for the festival circuit.

4) Concrete

A sharp turn into darker soundscapes, this minimalist synth number recalls CHVRCHES and PVRIS in its heavy beats and honest, confessional lyric style.

Concrete strapped to my feet/Tossed out into the sea/Why you gotta scream at me while everyone is listening? Calm down you're waving that gun too fast/You got too breathe/How am I gonna talk to you when I'm wearing bricks for shoes?


Simultaneously funny and intense, the recount of two lovers fighting is highly relatable to anyone who has ever been a relationship long enough to fall out over the washing up.

5) I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love

Title tracks of albums tend to act as "statements" by which the rest of a record is judged and this is no exception as, over the course of 4 minutes, we switch from subtle piano with stripped back vocals into a summer house beat with Prince-style distorted vocals before a surprise rap (yes, rap!) mid-section bridges the gap before the ravey breakdown and slow-fade into the finish. In short, it does a bit of everything and sounds pretty great doing it.

6) Run With Me

Probably the most straightforward pop song in this collection, the driving beat and airy vocals in the chorus are very reminiscent of The 1975's debut, a bass-heavy 80s-led sound acting as the perfect soundtrack to any road trip. And that's before we even get to the saxophone solo.

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7) Should We Go Downtown

Two words - percussive clapping. Two more words - falsetto riffs. What more do you need? If Zayn and Troye had a duet it may land somewhere near this woozy, hungover bop.

8) Swim

The latest, and arguably best, of the pre-release tracks, we've had this on heavy rotation ever since it dropped, Jordan once again taking on the musical role of Bieber's spiritual older brother with a touch of Coldplay's latter day material. But with bigger beat drops.

9) No Love (feat. Ansley Newman)

A genuine reggae number - this guy really knows how to keep it varied! 

It ain't the same as what you see on TV/This sh*t ain't easy..

No Love

Jule Vera singer Ansley Newman delivers the middle-eight vocal that, while very nice, is alas not delivered in a mock-reggae voice. Missed opportunity we think...

10) First

Yet another dance-floor bop! Seriously, is Jordan the new Calvin Harris? Because we could easily see Rihanna delivering her hot take on this little ditty and the main riff is straight out of Purpose-era Biebs. Not to mention a sudden backing track cut out under a catchy vocal line in the style of "Hands To Myself". This guy really would make a great teen popstar wouldn't he?

11) Fire In The Sky

Like a male counterpoint to Carly Rae Jepsen's E-Mo-Tion-era throwback prom anthems, with a big, floaty, falsetto chorus talking of a girl with "electrical eyes like fire in the sky". By this point, this album is playing like a best of the year pop compilation - "Now That's What I Call The Ready Set 47" or something.

12) See You

A big piano ballad to finish, sweetly and simply delivered, the electronic flourishes kept to a minimum as the vocals shine through. Will make you sob during the encore when the tour rolls around.

So there you have it - I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love is out April 8th and you will be playing it all summer long, we guarantee.

Nice work Jordan!