5 Truly Wild Things We Learned From This 1975 Interview

16 November 2015, 14:53 | Updated: 28 November 2018, 15:11

Matty Healey
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Matty Healy had some interesting things to say about Taylor Swift.

As with any band that releases a new album, you can expect to see a few promotional interviews floating around the internet. Approximately 90% of these interview are dull AF and aren't worth reporting on.

Interviews with Matty Healy are not like that. 

With the release of their new album *deep breath* I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful And Yet So Unaware Of It only a few weeks away, The Observer sat down with Matty to discuss the album and his life since his rapid rise to fame. 

Thing is, Matty is bit loose-lipped when it comes to interviews. He says things he definitely should not be saying which is EXACTLY why we like reading them. Even people who hate the 1975 will read his interviews, such is his uncompromisingly honesty and ability to give a good quote.

Whilst we fully recommend you reading the whole thing, we've picked out five highlights for you to mull over.

1) Matty is slightly scared of his fans.

A lot of the interview centres around the band's relationship with their younger audience. It's a point of tension for Matty, as he wants to be as honest as possible, but knows there are boundaries when talking to younger people. It came to a head when he clashed with a young fan on Twitter. "Young girls scare me, the things they come out with and ask about”, he admits.

2) There is a really funny line in their new song "Change of Heart".

"I've been so worried about you lately / You look shit / And you smell a bit." Okay, well, it's funny out of context. It's actually quite sad. It's from a ballad called "Somebody Else" about picturing an ex-partner with a new lover. It was written after a particularly bad period in his life earlier in the year.

3) Matty "fell" for Taylor Swift.

Gossip about Matty and Taylor had been making it's way round ever sine Taylor posted pictures of herself at a few 1975 shows, as well both of them wearing each others tour merch. Matty confirms he had a thing for her, but stops short at confirming whether they were ever a thing. "I fell for her a little bit, but everyone falls for Taylor Swift".

Ultimately, the whole experience freaked him out. "The day after she’d been to a show of ours, someone sent me a screenshot of E! News with the headline 'Who is Matt Healy?' That freaked me out. I'm not ready to indulge in that world and I'm not ready to be judged by that world." Fair enough.

4) He's really sorry about the time he was rude to a fan who shouted "I love you" at a gig.

During the previously mentioned bad period, he had a particularly disastrous gig in Boston. 

"There was girl stuff. There was family stuff. There was financial stuff. There was drug stuff. I remember hearing the crowd and having an identity crisis. I thought: 'If you want to see a show, I'll give you a fucking show. If you've come to see the jester drink himself into a slumber, I'll give it to you.' I felt like I’d become an idea as opposed to being a person."

A fan shouted, "I love you, Matty!" and what he did next wasn't particularly great. "What did I say to the poor f*cking girl? 'You don’t have the right to love me. You don’t know me. I love you but you don't get to love me.' Jesus. Can you imagine your favourite band shouting that at you? What a d*ckhead. What a horrible thing to say to a kid who f*cking does love me." 

5) Justin Bieber tried to throw Matty out of a party.

Yeah, we weren't joking about this interview. Matty dropped in this little detail about the time he was caught smoking a bong with fans. After an Ed Sheeran gig, he went to the same party as Justin Bieber (who was working with Sheeran at the time for his new album. It didn't go down too well. "I was a w*nker to Justin Bieber. I think he tried to get me kicked out a couple of times." He promptly left and then got caught with the bong. Don't do drugs, kids!

Oh dear. At least it made for an interesting story. Seriously though, this interview is wild. Make sure you read it. Praying for more outrageous interviews before January!