Wait…Did The UK Government Just Steal From The 1975?!

23 May 2016, 11:31 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

matty healy vs govt
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

A new video has got the band very angry. We explain Matty's twitter rant in full.

Last night (May 22nd) saw mop-haired Mancunian and The 1975 frontman Matty Healy take to Twitter for an epic rant of near-Kanye proportions against the UK government.


Interscope, YouTube

Why? Let's back up a second and explain.


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ICYMI, the UK is currently debating whether or not they should stay within the European Union, a REALLY complicated process that will result in a public vote at the end of June. This debate is known as "The Brexit" (British Exit).


How does this involve The 1975? Well, The Prime Minister, David Cameron, is leading the campaign to stay within the EU and recently sent out a promotional leaflet that looked oddly familiar...


Yep, it looks like the government have been taking some inspiration from The 1975's imagery used in their recent album campaign shot by David Drake.

The 1975


Cut to Sunday night and the band's manager Jamie Oborne discovered an accompanying promotional video for the government that again uses the exact aesthetic from the album.

You can watch it below:


So for comparison - this is The 1975: 


And this is from the EU video:

The 1975 EU video



Even worse, the campaign promo was directed by Nadia Marquad Otzen of Academy Films, who previously directed the band's "Settle Down" video.


Safe to say, Matty was upset.

Interscope, YouTube



But, while many fans have been on side with the band, there have been a few dissenting voices who feel Matty has little right to complain.


Surely though there is a difference between simply using Neon lights and using the exact same imagery as the band? The video is extraordinarily similar to the exact colour scheme and filmic style The 1975 have been using and developing since the end of 2015. Plus the director's past connection to the band would dispel any assumption that she had simply never heard of the group.

Academy films have yet to comment on the situation.

What do you guys think? Is the video too similar to The 1975 or is it just a coincidence? 

Interscope, YouTube

Let us know below.