Are The 1975 Making A Secret "Drive Like I Do" Album?

8 June 2017, 10:08 | Updated: 8 June 2017, 10:17

drive like i do
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Is Matty Healy getting back in touch with his emo past?

UPDATE 08/06/17

Well, things just got interesting...

Matty Healy has tweeted that there are indeed plans to release a Drive Like I Do album as a side project to The 1975.



"the coming few years" - any chance you could be more specific on that Matty? We want it NOW.



The 1975 may be revisiting their emo past with the grand return of Drive Like I Do...

For the uninitiated, Drive Like I Do was the name of the pre-fame The 1975, taking on a slightly different sound with sets including covers of Fall Out Boy and hidden gems like Ghosts and Lost Boys.

The band's early demos have since built up a cult following after being shared online among fans.

Now, Coup De Main reports that a fan at a recent The 1975 gig chatted to frontman Matty Healy about his Drive Like I Do days and he offered up some interesting news...




Take all of our damn M.O.N.E.Y!!!

Ok, before we get carried away, this may be just another of Matty's grand schemes that doesn't come to fruition (still waiting on that clothing line dude!). 

But, it would explain why the band released this rather fetching top as part of their new batch of tour merch.

The 1975

The plot thickens. We'll keep you posted on any new developments...

The 1975 return to the UK next month for a sold out arena tour including two nights at London's O2 Arena.

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